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What type of plastic part design we use in mold making?

September 08, 2021
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Injection molding technology in the production of plastic part design

The automobile manufacturing sector around the world is a large industry and is growing at a miraculous speed. Injection molding technology in the production of plastic part design is extremely important, creating many details and parts, helping to perfect and produce many beautiful and quality automobile products.

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Advantages of injection molding technology in manufacturing plastic part design

Injection molding technology in the production of automobile components is a technique that uses the production of a number of suitable parts based on the advantages and disadvantages of this method. Here are some outstanding advantages.

Types of plastic part design that can be common in injection molding

There are many types of materials that can be common in injection molding, but plastic injection molding is the most common manufacturing method. Rubber, glass or metal materials are easy to form by injection molding but require the use of a pressurized pump system along with a high-quality mold.

In fact, each material being evaluated can use injection molding where it is easy to melt by the action of heat and pressure, and has a viscosity that ensures flow in the device. The type of plastic part design selected for injection molding needs to ensure the safety factors required by the engine and be able to withstand certain pressures during use.

Injection molding technology for advanced injection molding details

Some auto parts with complex textures and design features such as sharp cutting lines, special angles, ultra-thin, tight corners, etc. is easy to produce by injection molding technology. This is a production method that brings many advantages and saves costs, contributing to reducing product costs.

Injection molding allows the creation of desired auto parts, especially suitable for plastic and rubber materials. Injection molding technology in the production of automotive components produces advanced injection molded parts, which are able to reproduce very fine details, which is a strategic factor, bringing practical value in the industry, automobile manufacturing industry.

Disadvantages of injection molding technology in the production of plastic part design

Injection molding in plastic part design production has an important meaning, contributing to promoting fast and quality automobile production. However, investors still need to consider choosing because of some disadvantages to note.

High cost for some injection molding services

Normally, the production method using plastic injection molding technology is significantly cheaper than other methods, but it is not true in injection molding using metal materials. In fact, products using metal injection molding are much more expensive than metal products manufactured by other methods. But if using the input metal material in the form of powder, it will require lower costs

Defects exist in injection molding technology

Car manufacturers always want to find a unit that produces auto parts with perfect quality, completely eliminating the defects that exist in injection molding technology. Finding a reputable, quality and experienced manufacturer is really necessary to help prevent errors and speed up the plastic part design process. Enterprises will not spend a lot of time checking and correcting the products.

plastic part design 2021

Is it good to use plastic when plastic items are becoming more and more popular in daily life? We will work with us to find out the most accurate answer in the article below.

Benefits of using plastic part design

Plastics are high-molecular-weight compounds. Moreover, they are extremely popular in the production of items for daily living such as tables, chairs, bowls, plates, buckets, pots, etc. Similarly, modern industrial products are also there. Plastic has the ability to flexibly deform under the influence of heat and pressure. Similarly, it is easy to mold, and press into objects with different shapes from fibers, sheets to blocks, bottles, boxes.

Plastic part design with beautiful and diverse colors shapes and textures are increasingly widely common, a good substitute for products made of metal, wood, glass.

Classification of plastics according to their application in life and production

Depending on the purpose of forming products with different applications in life, production and scientific research, plastics come into 3 types:

Ø Common plastic:

It is the most common, widely common, cheapest plastic of all common plastics. Moreover, common types of plastic include PP, PE (HDPE), PS, PVC, PET, ABS.

Ø Engineering plastic: 

It is a type of plastic with outstanding advantages by physical and mechanical properties. Furthermore, engineering plastics are common in the production of industrial products including PC, PA.

Ø Specialized plastics: 

These are synthetic resins with many specific characteristics. Moreover, these are common in cases with special requirements for material properties.

Is it good to use plastic?

Using plastic part design in daily life as well as for industrial production brings extremely practical and great values. The basic reasons for consumers to choose to use plastic include:

Ø Product price is cheap

Products with the same structure and function made from plastic are significantly cheaper than other materials. Furthermore, this is a key benefit, making the use of plastic in everyday life popular. In fact, all kinds of plastic products are produced in large quantities, at low cost in most stages of production and finishing.

Ø Beautiful designs, colors and variety

Types of plastic products on the market today have beautiful and diverse shapes, colors, and textures. Many plastic products have the same beauty and appearance as similar products made of glass with much higher durability.

Great value to use

Using plastic part design is good or not is a question of many users. In fact, plastic products have great use value, perfectly serving many needs in life. Products derived from plastic have outstanding physical and mechanical properties, which help to limit loss and breakage during transportation and use.

Ø Save on shipping costs

With its thin, light, and high strength characteristics, plastic items transport quickly and easily in large quantities. The process of porting and arranging is relatively simple, does not take much time and effort. In addition, during the transportation of plastic materials, there will be little or no need for packaging and supporting materials for protection.

To save the area

Plastic products do not require large space use. Moreover, they are easy to arrange close to or on top of each other, making optimal use of small areas without worrying about quality. The transportation process of plastic part design will be more, lighter and lower cost than similar products from other materials.

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