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Soft Plastic Lure Mold: Pros & Cons 2022

December 10, 2021
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What is the process of soft plastic lure mold products?

Plastic products are familiar products in human life. It is because of the variety of types and convenience that plastic is increasingly popular. It is also difficult to replace. Soft plastic lure mold is mass-produced by the plastic molding process.

Soft Plastic Lure Mold

Let's learn about the molding process of plastic products with us in the article below.

What is plastic product soft plastic lure mold?

Molding of plastic products is an industrial process of mass production of plastic products with productivity, accuracy, and quality stability. Plastic products from large, sizes to small details produces from this process. The more detailed and sophisticated the products, the more precise and meticulous the molding process of plastic products is.

In the molding process, the common raw material is plastic beads. The selection of raw materials is suitable with the product's usage characteristics, usage features, usage environment and product quality requirements. This depends on the product type, requirements and implementation budget.

Today, the socio-economic life of our country is developing more and more strongly.  In order to speed up construction, the creation of products by precast concrete is being widely useful.

Use of plastic molds

In particular, in making pavement paving, floor tiles, cement tiles. Therefore, the need to create plastic trays to make soft plastic lure mold to cast concrete parts is increasing. And to create those concrete trays, a plastic injection mold must be made.

Therefore, the plastic mold - concrete tray was born to meet the above requirements. In this article, let's   learn more about this product.

Soft plastic lure mold: Applications

Today in modern constructions, especially the paving of roads, sidewalks, cement tiles, or cylindrical, cube-shaped details are using plastic molding. A concrete form is also the first choice in testing and evaluating material quality because of its simplicity, ease and convenience.


This is also soft plastic lure mold useful to cast and take samples of cement concrete in testing and storing samples of building materials before putting them into use.

The most common types of plastic injection mold

Plastic molds - lure mold are commonly useful for construction contractors, Las-LD laboratories, scientific institutes, etc.

Besides, the plastic molds - soft plastic lure mold also bring convenience such as simple and light structure to help create concrete details quickly, efficiently and economically, and bring high accuracy. Because of the above reasons, you can choose the most suitable concrete molds.

There are many types of plastic on the market, but only a few are safe for consumption. The main raw materials used in the molding of plastic products: polystyrene, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride, Teflon, Delrin, and acrylic.

What is injection molding?

Injection molding is a commonly fruitful technology today. This technology allows molding plastic products from parts, products, components. This process uses injection molding machines, plastic materials and molds.

Plastic in the form of granules will melt in the injection molding machine and inject into the soft plastic lure mold. Then let it cool and harden to form the finished plastic product.

Injection molding is fruitful to mold thin-walled plastic products. Typical of which is the plastic shell that is widely applicable in life.

Raw materials for molding plastic products

The molding process of plastic products uses granules, powder or dry milled recycled plastic. Usually they will weigh together with a recycled plastic rate of no more than 30%. In fact, it is still possible to completely use recycled plastic in molding plastic products.

Plastic injection molding process

Plastic products had created by rapid injection molding, a production cycle time of 20 seconds to 90 seconds. It consists of 4 main stages.

Clamp:  Before the injection of material into the mold, the two halves of the mold need tightly closeness by a clamping device. Half of the die is firmly attachable to the press, the other half slides during pressing.

The hydraulic puller will push the two halves of the mold together and close it tightly once there is material inside.

Pump:  Plastic raw material is put into injection molding machine, poured into mold by injection unit. It is then melted by suitable temperature and pressure.

Cooling:  The molten plastic inside the soft plastic lure mold will begin to cool in contact with the mold. Plastic products are both cooled and shaped inside the mold. The final plastic product will be created after the plastic is cooled.

Remove the product: After molding, the plastic product completely fixes and cool. The two halves of the mold will open to push the product out and continue the cycle with another product.

Advantages and disadvantages of injection molding
Soft Plastic Lure Mold 2021


  • Product Accuracy:Injection molding parts calculates very closely. Therefore, injection molding is effective with extremely small and complex parts.
  • Speed ​​and scale:Injection molding shortens the molding process of plastic products. Professional presses quickly produce a wide range of products in one press. Usually the cooling and forming time is very short, even large products can be made in 1-2 minutes.
  • Product durability:Plastics created by this method have high ductility. The factory often mixes anti-corrosion agents to create more durability for the product.
  • Product control: The product is easy to control. The resin is melted directly in the mold allowing the color to be uniform. The product poured automatically without much effort.

Disadvantages soft plastic lure mold

Limited design: Due to the structure of the double-half press, the mold need partially open and push. So some products will be difficult or impossible to press.

High cost: Injection molding involves investment in machinery and shaping the soft plastic lure mold. The more complex the product, the more detailed the cost. The method requires mass production, on a large scale.

Longer design time: Before proceeding, the mold must be designed first. The mold needs synchronization and suitable for the press before being put into production.

Plastic products created from injection molding process achieve high precision, professionalism and speed. We are proud to be a reputable plastic mold manufacturing and processing unit. Contact us to learn more about designing, processing molds and plastic products.

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