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How to reduce errors in plastic trim molding manufacturing?

September 09, 2021
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The benefits of plastic trim molding manufacturing

Injection molding and the benefits of plastic trim molding manufacturing are increasingly appreciated in the field of plastic product manufacturing. In addition, this serves the diverse needs of many industries from manufacturing household appliances, automobiles and motorcycles to medicine, science and aerospace.

plastic trim molding manufacturing

Learn about plastic trim molding manufacturing

Compared with other production technologies on the market, plastic injection molding is the most popular choice, producing quality plastic products with low production costs and affordable prices.

Plastic trim molding manufacturing process

Plastic injection molding is a process in which molten plastic material injects into a mold, and after cooling, it produces the desired plastic product. The injection molding process is of great significance in the mass production of plastic parts and components, and at the same time, the resulting products can use a variety of materials.

The production of plastic materials by plastic trim molding manufacturing saves considerable material, time and effort compared to other manufacturing processes.

The benefits of plastic injection molding

The injection molding method is considered an excellent choice in manufacturing, the benefits of plastic injection molding include: Injection molding technology brings high production efficiency. Furthermore, this is the basis for shortening order fulfillment time but still ensuring quality. The plastic parts formed are highly aesthetic. Hence, thanks to the injection pressure that helps the molten material go to every corner.

Injection molding technology can produce plastic parts with large sizes and volumes. Adjusting the plasticity of plastic products easily as desired by adding additives to the liquid plastic material is one of the benefits of plastic injection molding. The automation in the entire production process is high. Moreover, this requires less labor, thereby greatly reducing production costs.

Professional, a unit that makes high-quality, precise plastic injection molds

We are professional and leading plastic trim molding manufacturing design and manufacturing unit today, using modern production lines, and advanced technology with a team of skilled and experienced human resources.  Professional produces a variety of molds with different shapes and sizes from simple to complex. Over 90% of the company's partners are units from Japan.


Professional's plastic injection mold products take full advantage of the benefits of plastic injection molding, strictly comply with quality criteria, and have high precision, tolerances within the allowable threshold, and high durability for millions of times.

Maintenance of aluminum die casting molds

The aluminum pressure die casting mold is composed of many details and components. The durability of the mold depends on many factors such as the quality of the mold material, the accuracy of the mold components, the non-stick coating and the operating time of the mold. During use, the maintenance of plastic trim molding manufacturing pressure die casting molds is extremely necessary.

Common mistakes when maintaining aluminum pressure die casting molds

If the pressure aluminum die-casting mold is operated continuously with high intensity, it is inevitable that errors will arise over time. Common aluminum pressure die casting errors include:

  • Molded products are bavia
  • Similarly, Damaged components, broken pins, surface cracks, positioning wear.
  • Cooling channel leaking water
  • Moreover, Mold surface, push pin, hole pin… are stuck, stuck
  • The surface of the mold cavity is abraded; the gloss is reduced due to the flow pressure of the aluminum.
  • Furthermore, molded products have shape errors, size deviations, and reduced aesthetics.

Maintenance of aluminum die casting molds

Pressure aluminum die casting is an indispensable tool in shaping required industrial machine parts and details. The condition of the molds directly affects the quality of the manufactured products. Regular maintenance of plastic trim molding manufacturing die casting molds on a regular basis will bring great benefits to production.

Maintenance process of aluminum pressure die casting mold

  • Remove and clean mold parts: Clean grease, pins and slots of the mold.
  • Re-polish the surface if necessary.
  • Similarly, proceed to clear the cooling channel to ensure the effective operation of the channel.
  • In addition, replace and repair broken parts and components.
  • Assemble the mold and check the condition of the moving parts.
  • Furthermore, eliminate the cause of burrs and avoid aluminum splashing at high pressure.
  • Lubricate moving parts.

The importance of pressure aluminum die casting maintenance

If maintenance of aluminum pressure die castings is left unattended over a long period of time, there is the risk of significant economic loss in repair or possibly complete tool replacement. Even minor faults that go undetected due to lack of regular maintenance can have significant consequences. For example, an open mold surface will cause a bavia error.

In fact, Regular Maintenance of Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Molds will cost insignificantly compared to tool repair and replacement. Plastic trim molding manufacturing is a mandatory process to create plastic products. Each plastic product has a plastic injection mold with different shapes, sizes and textures. We will learn more about making plastic injection molds in the article below.
plastic trim molding manufacturing 2021

Overview of plastic injection mold making?

Plastic injection mold is a tool common to shape plastic products, plastic injection molds are designed to be common for a required number of cycles. In other words, a plastic injection mold consists of many parts assembled together, after the plastic injects into the mold and cooled, the product will eject.

Manufacturing plastic injection molds with size and structure depending on the size and characteristics of the product. Basically, this depends on the number of products by plastic trim molding manufacturing, we choose the most suitable and effective mold.

Uses of plastic trim molding

Plastic injection mold is an indispensable tool common in the production of structural parts of plastic products such as:

  1. household appliances
  2. Moreover, electronics
  3. cars, motorcycles.

Plastic injection molds that meet technical design standards will create plastic products with good quality and beautiful designs.

Manufacturing plastic injection molds

Making plastic injection molds requires a design that includes detailed molds including design of mold shell, mold core, mold core details, mold components. From these detailed designs we will get a complete design of the mold. The design must show in detail exactly the projection angles, sections, technical requirements, dimensions, tolerances, of each item manufacture.

Plastic injection mold manufacturing process

Making plastic trim molding manufacturing to get finished products that meet the technical requirements and meet the desired quality standards requires an extremely rigorous process.

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