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Plastic Molding Manufacturing –Guide about Plastic Molding

October 22, 2020
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Everything you need to Know about Plastic Molding Manufacturing & Its Types


In this era of manufacturing environment Plastic Molding Manufacturing are widely being used almost in every industry. But the thing is that each application requires a different manufacture process.

As we all know custom plastic parts or products are the main needs of medical and airline industry, though the parts is small but still bigger devices are useless without these plastic parts.

Are you also looking for custom plastic part or product? Are you confused that where you should go for it? Is the part should be flexible or small? Which type of shape do you want? Don’t’ know? No worries, today here we are going to put a detailed shed, here you will get to know everything about Plastic Molding. From its type to Usage this Article covers up everything. First thing we have to understand that which type of molding will be suitable for certain application then we can get the best the results if we choose the best type.

Definition of Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Many people get confused b/w mold or mould well both are same; many people used to spell it as mould so don’t worry. Plastic Molding is the process of making by shaping liquid utilizing a rigid frame.

In order to give shape to a polymer, liquid polymers named as polyethylene or polypropylene is added to a hollow mold. This is not a simple process, different heat and pressure is required in order to achieve a final results.

Plastic Molding Manufacturing History

In order to fulfill the needs of plastic billiard balls Plastic Molding Manufacturing was launched in 1800’. Ivory Billiard Balls was commonly used before it so plastic molds has replaced their position now. The method of manufacturing billiard balls was launched by John Wesley Hyatt.

After passing 4 years, John Wesley and his brother launched a first plastic injection molding machine to execute the further process. It was composed of plunger which injects plastic into mold via hot cylinder.

Later on, James Hendry comes into their competition and introduced a screw injection molding. Now days, screw injection molding is one of the most used technique.

Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Most Popular Types of Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Rotational Molding

Rotational Molding also known as a rotomolding. It is a method of creating big hollow components by adding powder into mold. In order to coat resin inside the mold it has to be rotate in an oven.

Because of constant rotation mold produce centrifugal force which in result forms even-walled products. After cooling down of mold, hard plastic fell down. Best thing about this process is that a small amount of wastage occurs in this whole process and the rest material can be re used so we can say this technique is economical and environment friendly.

Usage of Rotational Mold

When it comes to its usage then we get to know that this technique is used to produce bulk containers, storage tanks, car parts, pet houses, and road cones.

Benefits of using Rotational Mold

  • They are very customizable and cost effective; it is really easy to give contours, logos, curves to the mold.
  • If we compare rotational mold with injection and blow mold then we get to know that their tooling cost is very lesser.

Another type of Plastic Molding Manufacturing is Injection Molding

It is the process of creating plastics by injecting molten plastic material on high pressure. As we do in the other types, the process is exactly same, after injecting molten plastic into mold it let for cooling down and then harder plastic fell down.

Usage of Injection Molding

There common use found n the making the large plastic products especially car parts. But it can also work for smaller products for example surgical applications are made by using this technique.

Furthermore, in this techniques many resins are being used which plays an important role in increasing flexibility for manufacturers.

Injection molds are made by using aluminum and steel but the cost is very reasonable even if you are using 1000s parts per year it still cost you lesser.

Its best part is that by using injection molding tool within 12-15 weeks production can finish easily.

3rd type of Plastic Molding Manufacturing is Bold Molding

Do you want to make hollow, thin-walled custom plastics?  If yes! Blow molding technique is the best one. This technique is especially for those where the shape of product is the first priority. Its steps are also same as the glass blowing.

Usage of Blow Molding

  • This technique is used to create drums and fuel tanks.
  • This technique is especially for those who are looking for process that can make thousands plastic bottles.
  • Its best part is that it is fast and cost lesser as compared to other molding techniques.
  • Its negative point is that it cost more than rotational molding

4rth type is Compression Molding

By its name we can have an idea that how this technique exactly works. Its process is really simple you just need to put plastic under the heated mold and then press it in order to give a specific shape to the plastic.

Now a day’s one can buy plastic sheets but if you want to buy in bulks then it is also available. After taking a desired shape to plastic via compression release it for cooling and trimming.

Usage of Blow Molding

  • In this era people are utilizing it by replacing metal parts with plastic parts.
  • Those products that come up in high volume this technique is perfect for them.
  • In order to make product strong and durable its wide usage has been seen in the automotive industry.
  • If we talk about the cost then it depends upon the many factors like size of parts etc but in short we can say that sometimes cost for per part is very low or if the part is high then cost can be high.

5th type is Extrusion Molding

This type is exactly same as the injection one but it is used to make a long shape. In injection molding Mold is used but if we look upon this technique then we get to know that it uses Die.

This technique used a hot raw material via die but if we look upon other techniques then we can see a clear difference, those techniques uses extrusion in order to produce the plastic resins.

Usage of Extrusion Molding

  • Its wide usage has been seen in PVC piping, straws and hosing.
  • If we compare the cost of this technique then we get to know it costs very lesser because of the use of die and simple process.

Last but not Least – Thermoforming

Thermoforming is another type of Plastic Molding Manufacturing, it is a process where thermoplastic is heated under certain temperature to give a specific shape in a mold, after giving shape the mold is trimmed and final results of product achieved. You can easily buy thermoplastic in variety of colors & thickness. Thermoforming another plus point is that it uses variety of molds and methods in order to achieve the final goal. Single 3d form of mold is used to create 3D products. It is because this type only uses a low pressure. It’s another good part is that by using inexpensive parts, molds can be produce easily.

Usage of Thermoforming

  • In the market you got to see disposable cups, all those are made by using thermoforming.
  • Containers, lids, trays etc. are also done by this type.
  • Time required by this type is almost 7 to 8 week.
  • Its costs depends upon the size of product, bigger the size larger the cost.

So finally we have introduced all the types of Plastic Molding Manufacturing, now it’s up to you which one you select for your product. If you are still confused or looking for a good place for molding service then you are the right place. Simply visit ACE Professional Makers , Our company has a decades of experience to give you the best product, we only deliver high quality moulds. Our main goal is to provide shortest delivery with reasonable price by serving amazing moulds.

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