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Plastic Injection Molding Service – Know Everything about it

Everything You Need to Know about Plastic Injection Molding Service

Are you looking for amazing Plastic injection molding service? If yes then there is no need to go anywhere, ACE Professional Mold Makers are every time here to provide Plastic injection molding service. But before taking these services we want to read the below content which will help you to know everything about plastic injection molding, its overview, characteristics, why only plastic injection molding etc. This Article will increase your knowledge and will let you decide which plastic and thing is good for this service. First of all let’s have a look below to its main definition.

What is Plastic Injection Molding?

It is a manufacturing process by utilizing molds. Its process is very simple and understandable, manufacturers used a great plastic, and first they heat it at a melting point and then for cooling this plastic is sent to a mold. In Mold manufacturer can give any desired shape to the product. Because of the similarities to the method of injecting fluids using syringes this process is known as injection molding

This process is basically for generating larger volume products, this process main usage has been found in mass production process where the same product is produced 1000s of time.

Plastic Injection Molding Service- Why only Injection Molding

If you are taking Plastic Injection Molding Service then you have chosen the best one. Here we are going to explain that why to take only this type when there lot of other types of plastic molding.

It is better than other plastic moldings because it has a capability to handle large volume products, it’s another plus point is that once you paid the amount for initial cost then next you have to pay a very small amount for the next one. The cost will almost decrease to zero at the production of more products so if you are one of those who have chosen this type then you are doing the best thing.

Plastic injection molding service

 Injection Molding Machines

There are many machines available in the market for injection molding but 3 of them are the main one.

  • Motorized machines (driven by servo motors)
  • Hydraulic machines (driven by hydraulic motors)
  • Hybrid machines (This machine is a combination of both servo & hydraulic motors)

Structure of Injection Molding Machine

Injection molding machine composed of injection unit, functionality of injection unit is to send the melted plastic towards mold and then there is clamping unit which further process the mold.

Usage of Injection Molding

This one is foremost the most used technique these days as compared to thermoforming & extrusion molding. Injections molding bigger machines are used to mold bigger parts like cars on the other hands smaller machines are used to inject surgical applications. Furthermore, manufacturers are using variety of plastics in order to increase the product flexibility. Cost for making mold is high but the cost per part is very reasonable.

Advantages of Injection Molding

  • It’s one of the main advantage is that it saves a lot of time and it produce products in a short span of time.
  • Second most admirable thing about it is that it produce great amount of components per hour
  • Its labor cost is very lesser as compared to other types.
  • It comes up with amazing design flexibility.
  • It also let you include the inserts.
  • If you want any technique that give amazing shapes and have strong control on coloring this is the best one to try.
  • It comes up with high output production with very low scrape rate.
  • Its last but not least advantage is that it provides large material choice.

In short we will say that it is one of the best techniques as compared to other plastic molding types. Extrusion plastic molding is also good but not like this one. It has more advantage as compared to others, from cost to quality; your product end result will be outstanding in a short span of time but make sure to go for the good plastic.

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Before taking Plastic Injection Molding Service You have to decide which plastic will be good for injection molding

Types of Plastics used for Injection Molding

There are variety of plastics are available for injection molding but they are different from each other because of hardness and temperature sensitivity. We all know that selecting the good one for injection molding will be difficult for you but if read the points carefully then you can choose the best one.

Let’s have a look below we are going to put shed to the main plastics that being used in injection molding since ages.


Propylene is one of the most common used plastic for injection molding because of its flexibility. It is composed of Propylene monomers.  Propylene has been proven best for automotive parts and textiles.  It must be your first priority because of high melting point and it has an amazing level of high resistance to cracks. Product will have very low chances of damage if this plastic has been utilized into it. It has very great strength and it reacts to water, acid and detergents with stability. It is perfect for food containers, it will not react with food so it is safe to utilize. In the beginning it can be rigid but if you heat it at low temperature then it can be brittle.

It has an amazing viscosity so you can easily mold it into any shape. This is easily available in the market anytime anywhere, in short we can say that it is one of the cheapest plastic.


Nylon is easy to mixed with biomass as a result plastic bio degradable is produced. Its main usage has been found in cloths. Its usage also has been found in automobile parts for example door handles. It is also utilized as a substitute because of temperature resistance. It is known worldwide because of its low friction. If you think your products have much wear and tear then this plastic will be a perfect match for your product.

It is also good choice for those products that requires high heat especially 3D printer’s models. This thermoplastic can easily melt into films & fibers.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

It is composed of 3 parts, Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, & Styrene. Emulsion process is used in its manufacturing.

  • Its reliability has made it the most used plastic these days.
  • Its cost is also very low and structural strength is very high so it is very easy to give any desired shape to any 3D model.
  • It is good for those who will need electrical insulation.
  • You can glue and paint it also.
  • Its disadvantage is that it cannot be utilized with food containers.

High-Density Polyethylene

If we compare it with other polyethylene then we get to know that it has more strength, robust and stiff. Its main usage has been found in milk cartons, detergents and dust bins. If you use it in crystalline form then it proves itself good on colder temperature. It works as an amazing insulator for electricity. We recommend you to not recycle this plastic; it is not good for it.


This plastic is transparent and can transmit light. Its plus point is that it transmit light exactly same as glass. It is strong and its main usage has been found in plastic lenses, automotive parts and surgical equipment’s.

If you research on bullet resistant glass then you will get to know that it is composed of polycarbonate. It can be given any shape only at room temperature its disadvantage is that it is composed of few parts which can be harmful for humans so in short we can say that it is not human friendly. It got cracks very easily so without top layer it is useless.


Well! We have introduced above all the plastics that have been mainly used in this era. After proper research and testing you can choose the best one for injection molding. If you are still overwhelm then let everything on us, we assure you we will never disappoint you.

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