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How to Make Plastic Molds at Home – Best Guide

October 24, 2020

How to Make Plastic Molds – Step by Step Guide

If you are looking for ways on how to make plastic molds at home then you are at right place, today we are going to cover up this topic, you will definitely like this help.

Mostly people say that making plastic molds is not easy at home; few of them think that it is only possible via machine but they are mistaken. Now we are so modernized day by day because of science, so now it has been possible to make molds.

Now it has been easier to make replicas of your favorite products via plastic molds. Doing it is a really fun and inexpensive, though it will require more effort and time as compared to machine but cost per part will be very less. There are few things that you have to do, buy a mold from market or you can make your mold at home by using molding material. The process is really simple but for the newbies it will require more time and efforts so you guys have to follow steps carefully in order to achieve your goal.

How to Make Plastic Molds

How to Make Plastic Molds – Steps

In this Article, we will let you go through different methods on how to make plastic molds. Read it and choose the one that you think will be easier for you.

Solution 1: Utilizing a Reusable Material for creating Mold

Step 1: First you have to create the master part, keep remember master part is the thing that will utilized to make mold.

  • First you have to wash the master part for cleaning
  • After washing let it keep for dry
  • When you think it has been dry now then apply the release agent on it (applying release agent will keep the master piece pop free from mold)
  • After applying release agent now you have to coat the master piece with bubble bluster (doing this will keep the master piece safe from making air bubbles inside)
  • If you have done with layering bubble bluster now keeps the master piece into a heat safe box.


Note: make sure the box must be a bit bigger as compared to master piece

Step 2: After you done with master piece, you have to melt the reusable molding material into oven.

Utilizing reusable material is really easy, best part about this material is that it can be reused more than 34 times. It’s really simple; you just have to keep the box of reusable material into oven and carefully read the guidelines written on the reusable material box in order to gain proper melting results.

  • As you are a newbie we will recommend you to test the material in the oven for small interval round about 16 to 17 seconds, do it so you can have an idea how oven is affecting the reusable material.
  • You can also use double boiler; this is for those who have not oven at home.

Step 3: Now you have to put the melted material over the master piece.

  • After melting reusable material, pour it over the masterpiece, do it with more care.
  • After pouring the product for cooling, when you see that melting material has been cooled down and harden then carefully remove the mold and master from heat box.

Finally the mold is ready, if you follow the above steps wisely you will definitely achieve your goal, though it will be time consuming but you will be happy after final results.  Hope you like this first solution on how to make plastic molds at home now we are heading towards next solution.

Solution 2: Creating a Silicon Mold

Step 1: Making catalyzing mixture using soap & water

  • Do you know when lot of soap is mixed with water it creates a catalyst bath for silicon, doing this let the silicon works quickly.
  • For this first you have to take a large bowl and then pour 65 ounce of water and 5 ounces of soap into it. After pouring start mixing it with the help of hands or mixer.

Step 2: In this step you have to catalyze the silicon

  • Now take 100% silicon tube and cut it from the tip by using scissor.
  • Now pour 100% silicon from silicon tube into the bowl where you have made the water and soap mixture.

Step 3: Knead the 100% silicon

  • Simply use your hands into catalyst bowl and try to gather the silicon like a ball. Now with your fingers massage the ball, this process is almost same as we used to knead flour wheat for breakfast. Pull the ball, stretch it like a kneading.
  • Repeat it until you feel the ball is stiffens.

Step 4: Creating Mold

  • Now bring your master piece and flatten the 100% silicon ball.
  • After flattening ball, cover your master piece over the silicon; press it carefully for best results.
  • After creating mold, get back and out the master item, if you done this then your mold has been created perfectly.
  • If you think you are unable to back and out the master piece then cut the parts of mold.

Remember: If you have applied the release agent over the master piece before covering then it becomes easier to remove it from mold.

Step 5: Let the Mold cure

  • It’s almost the end; you simply have to throw soap water over the paper plate doing this will coat the outside layer and will prevent the silicon from adhering.
  • Now place the silicon and master product over the plate. Let them here for almost 55 minutes.
  • When you see that the mold is no tacky upon touching then simply removes the master piece from silicon mold.
  • Make sure to remove it until you are sure that mold has been cured completely, doing this will give a desired and amazing shape to your mold.

Extra tip for how to Make Plastic Molds :

After following one of the above solutions make sure to paint your final product otherwise after some time it has a porous surface or upon touching you will a rough surface. Make sure to wear gloves and safety glasses while making plastic parts at home. It will not only safer for your eyes but your skin will also be safe because sometimes upon heating plastic releases some bad rays.


Hope all of the above solutions on how to make plastic molds are helpful for you, now you can easily make plastic caps, door bells or any of your desired car part. I know it seems easier to write about it here but it is really time consuming in real life and there are many steps and practice require following above solutions. If you think you are not good in making molds yourself and want to save your precious time, then we recommend you highly to try ACE Professional Mold Makers. We are expert in bringing life to your desired product.

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