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The Best Plastic Injection Medical & Lab Molding Ever

May 17, 2022
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What is Plastic Injection? 

What is the difference between plastic injection and Medical & Lab Molding? These are all questions that not everyone can answer. If you do not know the exact answers to the above questions, please refer to this article right away.

Plastic Injection Medical & Lab Molding

What is Plastic Injection?

Plastic injection molding is a technology that uses a plastic film to cover the surface of a certain product, the laminated film in plastic injection has a higher hardness than the plastic laminated film.

When put through plastic injection molding machine, the laminated film will overflow through the product and affect by temperature, making them stick together and tightly hug the product. Thanks to that, all materials after pressing Plastic retain their newness, durability, and gloss over time.

What is plasticizing?

Lamination is a technology that uses a flexible plastic film to cover the surface of a certain paper product. Products that need to plasticize can be: certificates of merit, certificates of merit, pictures, etc.

When pressed, the flexible plastic layer will completely cover the product and stick firmly together by a certain temperature. Medical & lab molding technology helps papers and documents to be better preserved, avoiding moldy air or being damaged by external influences.

Distinguish the difference between plastic injection and plastic injection 

Plastic injection molding and plastic molding have no discernible difference in the finished product. However, you can distinguish those bases on the following points.

For Plastic injection

Medical & Lab Molding technology usually uses plastic injection film, with high hardness. Which layer of film keeps pressed products from deforming, from fading when moving and storing. Besides, the wrapping film also keeps the papers from getting wet, moldy and always as beautiful as new.

In addition, finished products will typically retain their durability for a period of 1 year.

However, plastic injection still has the disadvantage that it is easy to peel and break during use due to the high hardness of the plastic film. 

For plastic molding

What items should be laminated and laminated?

Plastic injection medical & lab molding should use in the following cases:

  • Press ID cards, health insurance cards, cards of all kinds, ...
  • Pressing certificate of merit, certificate of merit, driver's license, driver's license

The laminated film has high strength, softness and high flexibility. Therefore, laminated products are usually more durable than laminated products. Even if it is bent for a long time, the laminated film will not crack or peel off.

Not only that, plastic injection medical & lab molding laminated products are also has outstanding durability, permanent use, no need to re-press, saving costs for users. 

Plasticizer should use in the following cases

  • Press files, papers, and important documents, especially thin paper materials that are easily torn and yellowed over time.
  • Pressing all kinds of color pictures, art photos to keep the colors like new

Some notes when laminating and laminating papers

Plastic injection medical & lab molding injection is one of the important utilities, helping to protect important papers. However, when squeezing plastic, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • For identification documents, important papers, if unfortunately, the film presses, you do not handle it yourself, but need to take it to a professional, reputable and reliable shop to fix it. Avoid messing up the paperwork, leading to some complicated problems later on.
  • To get a beautiful laminated copy, quality assurance, you need to learn how to use the laminator and plasticizer effectively

How to fix an effective Plastic injection medical & lab molding?

For cases where the laminator jams paper, you can completely fix them at home by doing the following:

Step 1: First, when detecting jammed paper, turn off the machine and unplug it. This action prevents the roller from burning, minimizing the risk.

Step 2: After unplugging the power, wait for the machine to cool down completely and then check to see if the machine damages anywhere. In case, you put the laminated paper so thick that they cannot pass through the machine, gently pull it out of the machine. Absolutely do not put too thick paper in the next press.

Step 3: One of the risks of paper jams is because it rolls up inside the device. In this case, just turn on the machine again and the error has been resolved.

How to fix a paper jammed laminator?

Step 4: In case the laminating film is stuck in the plastic injection medical & lab molding, you need to use stronger measures to fix it. That is to open the case to see how the membrane is stuck and find a way to remove them. Note that; unplug the power cord before doing this for your own safety.

Plastic Injection Medical & Lab Molding 2022

Step 5: One of the most effective ways to fix a jammed laminator is to use a tool to open the machine. However, you should only do this method when you have a little knowledge of machines and mechanics. If not, do not attempt to open the device as you may cause further damage to it.

Things to note to avoid paper jams in the laminator

  • Clean the laminator regularly to prevent dirt from entering the machine and its internal components.
  • When buying plastic injection medical & lab molding, you should choose genuine cheap plastic laminator products, quality assurance to limit problems during later use.

Instructions on how to use the Plastic injection machine correctly and most effectively

  • What is Plastic Injection? What is the difference between plastic injection and plastic injection medical & lab molding?
  • Can the plastic injection molding machine be flexible?
  • Plastic laminator does not heat

How to fix a plastic laminator that doesn't heat?

The reason the laminator is not hot.

Do not clean plastic injection medical & lab molding regularly:

The lazy to clean the laminator causes a lot of dirt to stick in the device. Thereby causing blockage of the internal microchips, many parts cannot work, making the machine not hot and ineffective pressing.

What reason for damaged components?

The reason the laminator does not heat may be because some components inside the machine have been damaged. For example: malfunctioning heating system, burning light bulb, etc.

Lamination speed: one of the reasons why the laminator is not hot that few people think about is the laminating speed. If the pressing speed is too fast, the plastic injection medical & lab molding machine will not be able to heat up at the right temperature.

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