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How to carry medical mold machining like a professional?

July 12, 2021
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  1. Mold texture
  2. Plastic mold steel
  3. Perfection
  4. Finishing the outside of the mold
  5. Finishing inside the mold
  6. Flexible operations - safe
  7. Conclusion

Usually, customers when ordering medical mold processing often pay a lot of attention to the price but not much attention to the structure of a finished set of molds. This problem is really serious and severely affects the plastic injection production process.

In order to receive orders, many establishments do not hesitate to receive medical mold processing at very cheap prices to win customers' hearts, and then use all means to reduce mold costs by processing methods and substandard components.

When handing over the mold, it leads to the mold receiving the mold for a while, causing errors even though the extruded product meets the requirements.

Placing molds and testing molds to prevent unnecessary risks

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1. Mold texture

Most of the individual or organizational customers when ordering medical mold processing are often not very knowledgeable about plastic injection molds. Injection molding is an uncommon product. And only those who work in this field are knowledgeable about the construction of a complete set of molds. However, you must understand that plastic injection mold construction is a product with specific standards. We recommend reading this article:

Structure and function of parts in plastic injection mold

Mold construction has been standardized and common globally. Each mold factory is easy to optimize to suit different products. A basic set of molds must have mold plates, a cooling water system or a heating system. Mold, product tying system, positioning, guiding, battery return spring.

2. Plastic mold steel

Customers often pay attention to the price but forget to pay attention to the medical mold containing steel material. The mold steel has a great influence on the forming of the mold. Cheap mold making units often do not explicitly say or do not mention this issue. Using substandard steel to make molds can help reduce costs, but it also means that the quality of the mold will decrease rapidly with the number of pressings.

It is difficult for an untrained person to distinguish what type of mold steel is. So mold testing is also difficult. Some ordinary steel when tempered will also be difficult to distinguish. Therefore, to avoid fraud in this, it is advisable to specify in the contract about the mold steel material.

If you are more careful, ask the mold making unit to provide additional documents about the origin of materials such as purchase invoices. You can also consult a material expert when accepting molds.

3. Perfection

How did you feel when you saw the medical mold for the first time? If you look at the mold and feel sympathetic, then the mold maker you choose is very careful. And he pays attention to every little detail.

The mold is a mechanical component and usually no one cares about it's good or bad, but only cares about the work efficiency. However, a set of molds that bring a pleasant look will partly prove the level and skill of the manufacturer.


Uniformity: The mold is assembled from various mold plates and mold components. A complete set of molds, the mold plates and components when assembled show continuity and mobility. Here you can see if the mold plates comes squarely, are the mold faces flat or rough, are the mold plates too much apart when assembled, and are the components working properly?

Accessories included: a simple set of molds usually does not have many accessories attached. However, these must-have accessories are: Mold hook, Water line screw, medical mold positioning ring, Mold lock clamp... If it is a hot runner mold, it must come with a temperature controller and an electrical cord.

Finishing inside the mold

Mold surface gloss:

Some plastic products require mold surface gloss. To achieve that gloss, the corresponding mold cavity surface is also required to be glossy. If looked at with the naked eye, the surface gloss of the mold cavity must be as smooth as a mirror and no trace of the toolpath left.

Our Mold Company has 2 popular ways to create this glossy surface: polishing or surface chromium plating. These two methods have different advantages and disadvantages that we will directly advise customers when ordering plastic injection mold processing medical mold processing workshop. With the possession of the most advanced surface treatment technology today, we are proud to bring our customers the most superior product.
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Surface roughness:

Some plastic product lines require surface roughness to avoid slippage or fingerprints, so it is necessary to have a method to treat the surface of the mold cavity to create a roughness corresponding to the product requirements.

There are many common methods for creating roughness such as machine sanding or sandblasting. Both methods have their pros and disadvantages that Vietnamese customers will be fried detailed counselor when comes in the company medical mold machining molds

Flexible operation – safe

It is not enough to be beautiful, but it must be common for a long time and safely. When accepting mold, you should test it directly on the press to see that the mold works smoothly and safely. The product retraction system must operate smoothly and efficiently from automatic ejection of product to gentle return to the correct position.

The water line system must also be up to standard to be able to keep the appropriate mold temperature while the water does not leak out.

Positions comes with guide pins, positioning must match to create continuity when closing the medical mold and opening the mold. During the opening and closing process, it does not make too much noise…


Above are some issues to pay special attention to when ordering mold processing that you need to know. There are many other issues that we want to advise you more thoroughly, but cannot cover them all within the limit of one article.

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