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Package plastic part & Plastic Injection Mold Maintenance Tips

July 12, 2021
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What is the role of plastic injection mold maintenance?

Package plastic part is necessary to understand for better comprehension of plastic injection molding technology. It is popular for its high quality and efficient mass production. Mold maintenance involves periodic cleaning, evaluation, and repair of the mold. Moreover, it has the role of keeping it functioning at its best.

In order to reduce the risks in the manufacturing process, preventive maintenance, inspection and repair is extremely important. Moreover, it carries out regularly and seriously throughout the life of the mold.
Package plastic part

The importance of plastic injection mold maintenance

Maintenance of plastic injection molds is to ensure that the injection molds always keep in good working condition. Thereby increasing the efficiency of the production process and ensuring the perfection of product quality. Similarly, preventive maintenance can help improve tool life and part quality of Package plastic part.

In fact, customers need to pay close attention to tool maintenance when choosing a supplier. Worn parts will adversely affect product quality, sales platform and even company goals.

Benefits of plastic injection mold maintenance

Regular maintenance of plastic injection molds will bring a lot of benefits. Similarly, it helps to save costs and significantly improve the time of the production process. Hence, this is the premise to create products of high quality and consistency.

Regular plastic injection mold maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. Similarly, it keeps the production process running smoothly, and contributes to lower total cost of ownership.

Harm of not maintaining plastic injection mold

If plastic injection mold maintenance we do not use for a long period of time, there is the risk of significant economic loss in repair or possibly complete replacement of Package plastic part.

Even minor faults that go undetected due to lack of regular maintenance can have significant consequences. For example, a mold with a damaged vent will result in partial failure and unexpected manufacturing defects.


In fact, regular plastic injection mold maintenance will cost much less than tool repair and replacement.

The process of performing plastic injection mold maintenance comes with an injection welding machine. Similarly, it helps determine the mold condition and thereby carry out appropriate and effective maintenance techniques.

As such, maintenance of plastic injection molds is absolutely necessary. Therefore, it contributes to increasing tool life and consistently producing high-quality of package plastic part.

Basic information about package plastic part

Plastic injection mold is an important tool in the production of plastic products. The introduction of plastic injection mold greatly promotes the development of the manufacturing industry, contributing to improving people's lives. Furthermore, let's learn the basic information about plastic injection mold in the article below.

Plastic injection process

The plastic injection process is understood as a cyclical process.

In each cycle will include quantitative feeding, plastic melting, pressure injection, mold filling, cooling and mold opening.

The plastic injection mold comes down after each molding and proceeds to the next cycle.

When an injection molding cycle completes, the injection package plastic part and clamping device of the injection molding machine comes to an end. The moving parts of the injection device and the clamping device come at a time in a pre-programmed sequence.

The plastic injection process comes into 3 stages:

  • Plastic melt
  • Injection
  • Shape out

Cleaning package plastic part

Plastic injection molds need inspection and cleaning. This will contribute to maintaining and extending the life of the plastic injection mold, on the other hand, will improve the stability of the mold.

The plastic injection mold we clean too many times and improperly. Moreover, it will cause unwanted effects, damage and reduce the quality of using the mold.

Based on the condition of the plastic injection mold after use, dirt and other residues on different molds will have different cleaning plans. It is possible to use grease cleaner, burnt plastic remover, rust remover. Moreover, it depends on the condition of the plastic injection mold to achieve optimal efficiency.

In case the plastic injection mold has not been treated for a long time, hygiene issues will cause significant damage to the package plastic part.

Requirements for plastic injection speed

The speed of the injection molding process is not only related to the processing cycle of the plastic molded parts, but also determines the cost of the production process.

The parameters of the injection speed we need to optimize, not too small and not too large. So that during filling the mold does not freeze and decompose.

Package plastic part 2021

Adjusting the injection speed to the optimal value is done by changing the fluid flow in the hydraulic system.

In other words, the plastic injection molding production unit adjusts for the maximum machining flow. And highest machining speed achievable under optimal machining conditions.

In actual machining, the workpiece changes shape and size continuously, the machining conditions and chip removal conditions are not in the ideal state. Even in the roughing process of the machining center, the machining speed index is often much lower than the maximum machining speed of the package plastic part.

Application of package plastic part

Plastic injection molds are common in the production of structural parts of many products such as household appliances, electrics, electronics, cars, motorcycles, etc. Similarly, Plastic injection molds are tools for the production of thermoplastic products. Similarly, it finishes plastic products even when they have a complex structure.

Plastic injection molds are the most common manufacturing tool common to make plastic parts. Moreover, it determines the efficiency of the manufacturing process to produce products in large volumes.

By using different types of plastic injection molds of different sizes and complexity it is possible to create different products of package plastic part. Raw plastic after being melted in the injection molding machine will be injected into the plastic injection mold, the formed product is ejected after cooling and solidifying.

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