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Plastic Injection Molding Automotive Parts

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ACE is a market leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality plastic injection moulds and implanted moulded parts on a global scale. We offer OEM/ODM services that strictly adhere to our clients' mold quality standards.

  • Brand Name:ACE
  • Model Number:ACEAUT009
  • Shaping Mode:Plastic injection moulding
  • OEM/ODM:Acceptable
  • Package:Standard or per request
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Plastic injection molding automotive parts are high-precision, durable components produced through injection molding processes. This technique uses advanced equipment and technology to inject molten plastic into molds, which then cool and solidify into the desired shapes. These parts play a critical role in automobile manufacturing, widely applied in car bodies, interiors, exteriors, and functional components.

Product Features

  1. High Precision and Consistency: Advanced injection molding technology and precise molds ensure the size and shape of each part are highly consistent, meeting the stringent standards of the automotive industry.
  2. Material Diversity: Various plastic materials such as ABS, PP, PC, and PA can be selected based on the functional requirements of different parts, providing excellent mechanical properties and durability.
  3. Lightweight: Compared to traditional metal parts, plastic injection molded parts are lighter, helping to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.
  4. Cost-Effective: Low production costs for mass production, suitable for large-scale manufacturing, reducing production cycles, and improving efficiency.
  5. Flexible Design: The injection molding process allows for complex structures and shapes, enabling more innovation and customization.


  1. Exterior Parts: Such as bumpers, grilles, and headlight housings, produced through injection molding processes, offering good appearance and durability.
  2. Interior Parts: Including dashboards, door panels, and seat components, providing a comfortable touch and excellent decorative effect.
  3. Functional Components: Such as air conditioning vents, cup holders, and glove boxes, featuring excellent functionality and aesthetics.
  4. Mechanical Components: Such as engine covers and protective plates, providing high strength and heat resistance, ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle.

Production Process

  1. Mold Design and Manufacturing: Using CAD/CAM software for mold design based on part requirements, ensuring high precision and quality.
  2. Injection Molding: Heating plastic granules to a molten state, injecting them into molds through injection machines, and cooling to solidify into shape.
  3. Post-Processing: Including deburring, painting, and assembly, ensuring the appearance and functionality of the final product meet requirements.
  4. Quality Inspection: Using advanced testing equipment and techniques to conduct comprehensive quality inspections, ensuring each part meets standards.

Summary Plastic injection molding automotive parts, with their high precision, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness, have become an essential component of modern automobile manufacturing. Through continuous technological innovation and quality improvement, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable plastic injection molded parts solutions for the automotive industry.

Brand Name ACE
Model Number ACEAUT009
Process Servicing Injection moulding for automotive plastic injection parts
Mould Base LKM, HASCO, DME, etc
SPI Class 102 < 1mil
Injection System Cold Runner / Hot Runner
Surface Request EDM or High Polish
Injection Moulding Process Horizontal Injection
Shaping Mode Plastic injection moulding
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Package Standard or as your request
Standard Delivery 40 days or 5 weeks

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