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5 Easiest Plastic Mold Making Tips for Beginners

December 10, 2021
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Plastic mold making is the essential part of the days. Therefore, the market for mold manufacturing, design and manufacturing is expanding, and the requirements for the quality of plastic molds are increasing.

Plastic Mold Making

For business owners, startups, self-employed individuals, when having an idea of ​​​​producing and distributing plastic products, the question is always asked.

How much does it cost to make plastic molds?

To answer this question, the author of the article, with more than 12 years of experience in quoting plastic molds for thousands of customers. I would like to summarize some factors that determine the cost of manufacturing plastic molds and the price quoted by the customer.

What are the shapes and dimensions of products?

Dimensions and shapes of products for plastic mold making are here:

  • The size of the product affects the size of the mold which in turn affects the raw material cost.
  • The shape of the product determines how to open the mold: straight or horizontal.
  • This factor affects the die size and machining complexity.
  • Therefore, affecting the cost of raw materials and processing.

What are requirements on size accuracy?

Requirements on size accuracy, product surface quality for molding are as under:

  • Dimensional accuracy directly affects the machining cost.
  • The quality of the surface requiring high or low gloss, roughness or no roughness will affect the cost of surface polishing.
  • On the other hand, the cost of roughening the surface of the mold cavity.

Effect of number of mold cavity

If the higher the number of cavities, then it will be greater the requirements for the precision of Plastic mold making. At the same time, the cost of making plastic channels and injection gates, especially underground injection, also increases when there are many mold cavities.

What do you know about estimated production output?

On the larger the mold production, it will be the greater the requirement for the life of the mold. So it is necessary to choose high-quality steel to make the mold cavity.

On the other hand, to heat treatment for increase the hardness of the mold cavity. Since then, the cost of raw materials and the cost of surface treatment of the mold cavity will arise.

Warranty period and mold delivery schedule

The larger the warranty period, then it will be higher the risk of the Plastic mold making. Therefore, the manufacturer must choose the mold structure, high strength steel to design the mold with high durability and stability to increase stability, productivity and service life.

Delivery schedule: The manufacturing process of a mold includes many stages, and these stages often cannot be done at the same time and delivered to many people at the same time to speed up the progress. For example, after designing a mold, only steel billets can be placed, only steel billets can be processed.

This is the phase that takes a long time, but the implementation progress is very slow because it progresses sequentially. Therefore, in order to speed up the speed, the Plastic mold making must speed up the machining process since the billet is available at the factory.

Factors to affect the cost of plastic mold making

Above are the factors that affect the mold production cost and the quotation that the mold manufacturer sends to the customer. Therefore, before going to the mold manufacturer to request a quote, please prepare the above information in advance.

Moreover, try to clearly tell the manufacturer so that you can receive a reasonable, appropriate and satisfactory quote. Please both manufacturers and customers.

Plastic Mold Making 2021

Today, thanks to the popularity of plastic, it is mass-produced with a variety of designs. Plastic production meets the needs and desires of consumers. Along ace mold crossing point on the production of this product and the selection criteria factory in China plastic quality in this article offline.

Plastic mold making situation in China

The Plastic mold making industry is still new in the industry such as mechanical engineering, electronics, chemicals, textiles. However, it has made strong strides in recent years. Due to the habit of using plastic in everyday life, in industry, in construction, etc., the demand for plastic production in China is relatively high.

On the market today, there are many factories that accept processing and manufacturing plastic on demand. The increased quality of life requires that plastic products produced meet more stringent standards. Depending on the requirements and product quality, the price also changes continuously.

Due to the impact of Covid-19, the supply network of input materials also changed, so production faced many difficulties.

Criteria for evaluating plastic products

To produce quality plastic products, input materials are very important. Depending on the use and product features, the plastic materials used and the mixing ratio will be different. Therefore, the finished product will also be different.

Moreover, you can also ask the manufacturer to provide the origin of the ingredients of Plastic mold making. That is the way to determine the safety of the product.

Evaluate products based on product functionality

In general, different plastic products will have different functions. Based on the inherent characteristics of the product to evaluate such as:

  • product gloss
  • plasticity
  • accuracy
  • surface smoothness
  • sharpness

The quality plastic products will be the manufacturer's commitment to the full features above. When checking the product, if you do not meet the above requirements, you can claim compensation or complaint about that product.

Prestigious, competitive price plastic manufacturing address in China

With the rapid increase in demand for plastic products, plastic factories are also increasing day by day. Many plastic factories in China and across the country are ready to invest in modern equipment.

They constantly improve their staff and train skills to produce highly competitive products. Plastic mold making produced compete directly with imports from China.

With a system of high-quality plastic factories, as mold is a reputable plastic manufacturing facility on demand with competitive prices. The author of the article is looking forward to receiving contributions from readers so that the article can bring more value to the community.

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