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9 DIY Methods to Manufacture 12v dc Fan Mold in 2021

July 01, 2021
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12v dc Fan Mold
The technology in the processing of plastics is constantly evolving and is also part of the very broad concept of Industry 4.0 by its very nature. Moreover, 12v dc fan mold is also thanks to this technology.

The latter is now to be considered a consolidated reality, which brings significant benefits thanks to the ability of the machines to talk to company systems, increasing business performance and improving the management and monitoring of maintenance.

Serial 12v dc fan molds Production

The latter must also be able to be ensured in production dynamics that may require several batch changes even on the same day.

It is no coincidence that the machines used for the processing of plastic materials have undergone. In recent years, a real revolution, with the offer of increasingly advanced systems and solutions has emerged.

These latest machines are able to produce 12v dc fan molds that ideally consume up to 70 percent less energy as compared to others.

SPD's electro-permanent solutions for the plastics processing industry

Some time ago, we dedicated an entire article to explore the link between the electro-permanent magnetic solutions. It comes by the increasingly challenging demands of Industry 4.0.

Also, to the plastics processing industry, the best company in China offers a proposal studied on the

The advantages of molding are therefore numerous:

Optimal locking:

Through the generation of a locking force evenly distributed over the entire surface of the mold sub-plate. And thus it is avoiding any tension and deformation.


Plastic adapts to all types of presses with threaded holes or T-slots. Moreover, it allows the use of the entire available surface of the press platens.


Since the module's magnetic checkerboard structure guarantees the homogeneity of the force on the surface and therefore maximum versatility of use. Hence, 12v dc fan molds produced by using molding techniques are highly efficient for industrial workers.

Simplicity and speed:

The anchoring of the mold takes place in a few seconds. Similarly, it allows to significantly reducing the time required to replace the molds.

Over the years, fossil thermoplastic polymers have reached a very high level of quality. And their producers have adapted their polymer matrices to the different needs of the processing industries.

Respect the character of each polymer

Conversely, machinery manufacturers have learned to respect the character of each polymer, in order to preserve their intrinsic qualities and technical advantages as much as possible.

So, they make 12v dc fan molds that can ideally perform well in comparison to a 100-watt AC fan. During the design development phase of a new application, engineers often have to make a choice regarding transformation technology.

The criteria for choosing the technology for creating 12v dc fan molds

This choice is based on several elements which include the following:

  • Part surface (area)
  • Part function
  • Function integration level
  • Design (2D or 3D shape)
  • Surface finish (finished or post-treated?)
  • Part size and weight
  • Part accuracy (assemblies)
  • Expected numbers (annual quantities = investment return)
  • An expected path at the end of life (disassembly)

Thermo-forming (of extruded flat sheets or plates)


Each technology represents an opportunity and at the same time sets some limits, sometimes technical and sometimes economic. On the other hand, a 12v dc fan mold can work perfectly even in a 25-watt DC-driven.

We will touch them all briefly over the course of the year, trying to summarize their main strengths and their potential complexities.

Injection molding - 12v dc Fan Mold

This technology is generally chosen for the production of small and medium-sized parts, where high precision and speed of production are the guiding elements.

This technology offers:

It has high productivity. Moreover, the possibility of installation in small spaces, the creation of objects in 2D or 3D is easy. Similarly, it provides very tight tolerances and precise details in the pieces:

  • limited production waste
  • parts ready for assembly or already finished
  • insertion of inserts metal parts in the product
  • snap fasteners
  • parts with incorporated hinges
  • accurate surface finishes, multi-cavity molds (sometimes with different shapes in the same mold).
These are the advantages offered in a nutshell.

If you choose this technology, you must also consider the following aspects:

  • The cost of the molds (investment to be recovered generally with the production numbers)
  • Moreover, the costs of the presses, the dimensions of the pieces (surfaces) directly linked to the size of the closing unit of the press
  • energy consumption
  • the important interrelationships between tool-machine-material that contribute to the constant quality of production.

Basically, injection molding is a perfect molding process to create 12v dc fan molds. It is 100% precise as well as an economic solution for each category of business.

Need special attention

Particular attention must be paid to the choice of feeding systems and injection points of the mold. Moreover, the cooling/heating circuits of the mold and its cavities.

The injection technology has a wide range of transformation parameters which, interacting with each other. Moreover, it creates an equally wide matrix of processing conditions that allow working at best any polymer.
12v dc Fan Mold 2021

Molds for plastics and types of molding other than 12v dc fan molding

The molding of plastic materials allows the production of a whole series of objects that are part of our daily life every day.

Try to look around; from flower pots to milk bottles, to chairs or garbage cans, they are all molded plastic objects.
Or the mouse and keyboard of your PC, also printed.
How does the molding of plastic materials (12v dc fan molding) work?

All these 12v dc fan molds objects are built through the use of special molds, such as that professional company dedicated to the design and construction of molds for plastic materials.

Thanks to the use of molds, it is, therefore, possible to build a myriad of objects. Moreover, it applies on components used also in particular fields of application, such as in the field of medical devices.

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