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How to make Injection molded plastic parts in 2022?

May 15, 2022
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Firstly, plastic injection molded plastic parts are in demand in various industries.

Injection molded plastic parts

Secondly, the Injection molded plastic parts is used to produce toys and stationery, car parts and polymer pipes, various containers and profiles for plastic windows.

Types of plastics and raw materials

Further, the following materials use for the production of plastics:

  • Polyvinyl chloride
  • Polyethylene of high and low pressure
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Polystyrene
  • Polypropylene

Subsequently, each of the polymers has a different plasticity and melting point, so the selection of raw materials is one of the most important stages of production.

Injection molded plastic parts needs to readjust with every change of raw materials.

Production Technology of Injection molded plastic parts

Further, the production of plastic products carries out in a certain sequence:

  1. PVC materials for the production of plastic products crush and loaded into the hopper of the injection molding machine.
  2. In addition, solid polymers heat to the required temperature. As well as, the screw feeds the melt into the plasticizing unit.
  3. Thirdly, under high pressure, the polymer mass injects into the injection mold. Plastic uniform layers cover the walls of the form, exactly repeating its shape.
  4. In addition, during the cooling process, the pressure in the mold decreases, the cooled parts remove outside.

Moreover, the speed and volume of Injection Molded Plastic Parts, temperature parameters are set individually for each type of product.

There are different ways of molding plastics

  • Extrusion - the creation of plastic products by extrusion
  • Casting - molding products in injection molds
  • Compression molding, As well as, when the molten mass is compressed under the action of mechanical loads
  • blowing - a heated polymer blank acquires the exact shape of an injection mold by blowing
  • As well as, compression molding occurs when injection molds compress.

Equipment for the production of plastic products

In addition, for the manufacture of plastic products with injection molded plastic parts various machines and equipment for injection molding use:

  1. Extruders

In fact, extrusion means extrusion or extrusion. Further, the production of plastic products occurs by extruding the molten polymer mass through a matrix that forms a certain shape.

The extrusion method creates window profiles, polymer sheets and films, plastic roofing and plastic pipes.

The installation includes the following components and mechanisms

  • Extruder
  • Pneumoloader
  • inflating heads with a cooling system
  • Calibration mechanisms
  • pulling and turning devices
  • Stacking and winding modules

Further, the operation of mechanisms controls automatically.

2. Injection molded plastic parts

They are injection molding machines for the production of serial plastic parts in molds by injection under pressure.

Includes various functional units:

  • Plasticization module, where the raw material heats to the required temperatures
  • further an injection mold for plastic injection, where polymers inject and products form
  • A locking unit that provides closing and opening of molds
  • a special pusher removes finished castings from the machine.

Moreover, the operation of the mechanisms provides by an electric, hydro mechanical or electromechanical drive.

Injection molding machines are divided into

  1. Vertical - with vertical injection and horizontal split injection molded plastic parts.
  2. Horizontal - with a horizontal injection system and vertically arranged connectors.
  3. Corner - for products of complex configurations with the location of the injection in different places.

Furthermore, the production of plastic products in injection molding machines involves heating polymers to a liquid state, feeding under high pressure into molds, cooling and removing finished parts.

3. Blow molding machines

In addition, with the help of injection molded plastic parts, various thin-walled containers are produced: canisters, bottles, barrels.

Moreover, the production of bottles from blanks (preforms) pre-made in injection molding machines is carried out in the following order:

  1. The preforms heat in a special oven.
  2. Hot blanks place in a mold, where the bottles pull and inflated through a special rod.
  3. IN addition, when in contact with the metal of the injection molds, the polymer hardens and becomes rigid.
  4. The mold opens, the finished bottles remove using a special injection molded plastic parts.

4. Extrusion blow molding machines

Devices use for the manufacture of volumetric hollow products by blow molding.

Used in various industries:

  • Food production - production of bottles, cans, containers
  • Pharmaceuticals - containers for medicines
  • Mechanical engineering - fuel tanks, pipes, bumpers
  • Construction - pet packaging, containers for paints and varnishes

Extrusion blow molding machines consist of several main components:

  1. As well as, extruder with screw mechanism and heating generator.
  2. Eventually, head with a mouthpiece for forming tubular blanks or sleeves. It can be single or multi-strand, direct-flow or angular.
  3. Metal molds for injection molded plastic parts.
  4. Receiving-inflatable device, consisting of several mechanisms:
    • moving blanks to the mold;
    • closing, opening and locking forms;
    • billet blowing;
    • flash cutting;
    • Ejection of finished products.

In addition, the complete set of the machine includes an injection molded plastic parts and a cooler.

Functions of Thermoforming machines

Moreover, the devices for thermoforming products from polyethylene film of various thicknesses: disposable thin-walled cups, plates, containers.

Further, machines are single or multi-position rotary, revolving or belt type.

Optional equipment

Auxiliary injection molded plastic parts for the production of plastic products can reduce manual labor and facilitate the production process.

This category includes:

  • Various conveyors and belt conveyors
  • Mixers, loaders, dispensers;
  • Crushers and drying bins
  • Robotic manipulators

Injection molded plastic parts 2022

Mini plastic injection molding machines

Subsequently, desktop machines for the manufacture of plastic products are widely in demand in small industries in the manufacture of limited quantities of goods. They easily place in small workshops, laboratories or service stations.

Eventually, mini injection molded plastic parts machines can be made by hand. For this you will need:

  1. Steel rod with piston.
  2. Cylinder from a metal trim pipe.
  3. Adapter 0.5 inch.
  4. Thermostat and heater for 600 watts.
  5. Fitting and fasteners.

In fact, with a little engineering skills and instructions on the internet, you can build a machine to make simple plastic shapes.

In addition, injection molded plastic parts for the manufacture of plastics allow you to fully automate the production process, and create mass-produced products of any size and configuration.

Features of injection molding

Eventually, the principle of operation of injection molded plastic parts for the production of plastics is to melt granular polymer material to a liquid state and feed it under high pressure into a closed injection mold. As well as, the product acquires the exact outlines of the internal cavity of the mold.

Moreover, injection molded plastic parts allows you to create products with the thinnest walls. They can reinforce or empty inside, be multi-color and foam. Combine different polymers.

Machines are configured for certain parameters:

  1. Consistency
  2. Degree of viscosity
  3. Melting parameters

Further, the main criterion for choosing a material is the melt flow rate.

Lastly, it is important to strike the right balance, as low pressure can lead to cavities or under filling, while too high pressure can lead to flashing.

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