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5 Factors you should consider before Hiring Stamping Mould Services in 2021

May 18, 2021
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One of the most common questions for those looking to launch a product from plastic injection is: “How much does a plastic injection mold cost?” It is a pertinent question, since stamping mould represents the most significant expense in the initial production costs.

There are numerous factors that influence the determination of the total cost. In this article, we will indicate the main variables that can impact the cost of a plastic injection mold, so that you can have better information when making a purchase decision.

What are the main factors in stamping mould services?

If you are a professional in the field of plastic injection or are thinking of launching a new plastic product, you need to understand the main factors. These factors influence the price of a mold. So that your project fits exactly in your budget.

And that the payback (return on investment) ) is not so long. Often people do not know how to request a mold quote for the tooling that will perform the tool making, and often end up frustrated with the price, and asking themselves: "Why are the molds so expensive?”.

Understanding these variables is essential to require from the stamping mould shop. What you really need? And what to really expect from the plastic injection mold, these 5 factors are:


  • Design and complexity of your plastic product.
  • Number of cavities.
  • Family Template.
  • Injection mold durability.
  • Type of plastic injection system.


1. Design and complexity of your plastic product.

If you have a sample of an existing plastic part or product design, it is interesting to share it with the mold designer. It is to indicate the difficulties that impact the construction of the mold, such as the number of hours of machining or erosion by penetration.

They are already obvious factors that greatly influence the price of the stamping mould. And I will also mention other factors that the product design is possible to have a clue whether costly or simple process:

The Need for side drawers:

Products that have slits or side openings usually need drawers that make the movement of the product's side closing, which slightly elevates the difficulty of mold construction.


B. Types of stamping mould extractions: 

The product design also defines the type of extraction important to use. There are several types of mold extraction, in this article I will mention 3 most common examples:

- Extraction by extractor pins:

It is the cheapest method, because in the product injects. There is no negative or factor that requires a more complex extraction.

ç. Product size:

Small products with few cavities are generally cheaper than large molds with also few cavities. They require less raw material (tool steels) and machining time, but not always a smaller mold is simpler than a larger one.

It depends on the quantity the complexity of the details of the piece: tears, fins, fittings, holes ... These details will influence the extraction system or the need for the drawers. And consequently it will rise the price of the injection stamping mould.


The metal stamping mold is an indispensable accessory that plays a very important role.

This is because the molds come together with the metal plates of the stamping, to exert pressure. And, thus, they generate the molding of the metal according to each need presented.

In practice, the metal stamping mold is common on a daily basis. And it may even undergo minor maintenance. Moreover, it has a long useful life, avoiding the need to manufacture a new structure in a short period. Similarly, it also decreases the financial investments made. .


As it could not be otherwise, the stamping mold has unique benefits, both in process and in the product itself, such as:

  • Its manufacture is fast and practical, since it comes with very precise machinery. Moreover, it operates according to the configuration, which also contributes to minimize stamping moulderrors;
  • The product is easy to make in different materials, such as thermoplastics (nylon, fiberglass with polystyrene, among others), all of good quality and resistance. Moreover, they are durable and reusable.
  • It has a very competitive price, especially in view of all its advantages. Similarly, it avoids greater financial investment. We can do it in other areas that also need it.


Metal stamping has become an allied service for those who need tailor-made parts in a quick period of time, contributing to meet the demands of each sector.


It is in this scenario that the stamping mould for the brass piece stands out, since it is an indispensable tool that contributes to the manufacturing processes.

Thus, the stamping for brass parts is very useful for sectors such as automotive, mining, petrochemical, and naval, among many others.

He collaborates with the production of pieces of the most varied sizes, formats, according to the individual need of each application.


The purpose of the brass piece is to cut, bend and draw the metal, which contributes to giving the desired shape to the plate and, thus, manufacturing the piece according to demand.

We should note that the items that can be produced are presses, devices and templates, for example, which are made following the standards of quality control.

Some of the main qualities of the stamping mould for brass piece are:

  • Agility in the performance of services;
  • Durability, to be used in different processes;
  • Convenience, since it optimizes time and increases production.


The stamping for iron part is a very useful tool for the daily life of different sectors, since it is partially responsible for the stamping processes, contributing to a good result of the part.

Thus, the search for the stamping mould manufacture of this item is quite common, which undeniably plays an important role.

In practice, the stamping for iron pieces has different benefits, such as, for example, greater precision during the stamping process, which helps the piece to be in the desired shape and suitable for its application.

This is very important for all subsequent product efficiency.


Currently, the stamping for iron part can only be made by stamping mould professionals in the sector, since the tool requires knowledge to be built and, thus, become efficient in its applications.

Professional labor is also very advantageous to guarantee a cost-effective product.

Iron is a material that can be worked in different ways, which makes the stamp for iron part indispensable for this sector.

This is because the product is fully adaptable to the characteristics of this metal and acts with high quality to bring different benefits to the parts, such as:

  • Resistance;
  • Durability;

This is because the stamping for iron part is a highly precise tool that does not interfere with the main advantages of the metal plate.

In fact, iron is just one of the metals that the tool works on, since it can also be applied to copper, bronze, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, among many others.

It is also important to mention that this tool can be used in different printing processes, and not just once, which makes investing in the product even more advantageous, since it has a long useful life.

Of particular importance is the stamping of metal products from sheet metal. It is based on plastic deformation of the metal without heating it using special stamps. Thus, plastic deformation of parts is widely used for the manufacture of parts of various sizes and complex shapes with high precision, which cannot be done using other processing methods.

Some Important stamping mould instructions

It is very important to establish a gap between the puncture and the die. This gap depends on the thickness of the sheet and the type of material, which can be hard or soft. Very large gaps cause burrs that can damage operators.

Small gaps cause cracks, that is, cracks, which can cause problems in subsequent operations. The smaller the thickness of the plates and the diameter of the punch, the smaller the gap and vice versa. In the cut, no matter how perfect it is, there is always a "torn" surface. Therefore, it is necessary to deburr, which improves the processing of the cut walls.

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Details of dies and molds

Stamps can consist of a large number of separate parts, which are divided into several groups:

Working part: This includes parts that create the shape of the workpiece (punches, dies with separate sections), as well as loading chambers;

Body parts: They create a connection of parts with the working part, the machine-tool and each other. These include guide bushings, columns, and upper and lower shank plates;

Installation details: They make it easier to install the product;

Removable and removable parts: They are a design of pullers and ejectors that allow the detachment of parts;

Structural details: They carry out the connection of various parts with body structures. Among them are matrix holders, punch holders and any other fasteners;

Parts of molds: They help maintain the required temperature.


We are renowned and acts as a true ally of all its customers in stamping services for iron work , in addition to working in the stamping itself, making molds, plastic injection and others. Contact us for more information!

Manufacturing of dies for metal stamping and manufacturing of cold dies and molds; these are main stages of stamping mould parts.

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