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How does fast moulding work with injection molding machine?

August 01, 2021
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In the process of fast moulding, operating and embellishing, we must pay close attention to these Rollers and Rollers .

Plastic Injection Machine Structure (Plastic Extrusion Machine, Plastic Blowing Machine):

The plastic injection molding machine is basically structured as follows:

Plastic injection machine construction

Control and operation system in fast moulding

Generally, in the operation of the press machine is important and the control system.

Similarly, machines from cheap to high all carry this control system. The control fast moulding system helps us to choose the operating plan for each plastic product line, for each type of plastic.

Moreover, the control system can be fully automated by PLC or can be partially automated. In this section, we only introduce the overall control system in the injection molding machine, but do not go into details.

Mixing system, liquefaction

Mixing System Material mixing and liquefaction is the area with the attribute that has the greatest impact on the technical order of plastic processing.

This system includes the following main mechanical departments:

  • Cylinder barrel of plastic extrusion machine (plastic extrusion machine)
  • Screw Plastic Extrusion Machine (Screw Plastic Extrusion Machine)
  • Moreover, Heating Resistors
  • Plastic input hopper
  • In addition, Plastic Glue Splitting System

Product forming mold system

The plastic product forming system is the mold system.

  • Plastic injection mold system
  • Similarly, Plastic molds with many complex shapes and textures
  • To make plastic products with uniform and low quality depends on the design and manufacturing of molds.

Plastic Injection Mold must achieve the following properties:

  • Standard Profile of the type
  • Material Heat resistant, little known heat form
  • Similarly, the surface gloss of the mold must reach a high gloss
  • Conveniently remove the product from the mold
  • Moreover, fast mouldingsurface hardness should be high, wear resistance.
  • Design a cooling system for the mold to effectively dissipate heat during the product cooling phase.

Injection molding support system

– Non-return Assembly

- Nozzle

Clamping, Pushing Mold System In Plastic Injection Machine:

This is the system of Bracket, Clamp, Push the mold during machine operation.

  • The main function is to open and close the mold.
  • Movable Mold Plate
  • Furthermore, when the Mold is closed, the plastic will from the nozzle push the liquid plastic into the mold.
  • Then comes the time to cool the resin in the mold
  • And finally, the operation of opening the mold to take the product out.

Mold Holder System Includes the following components:

  • The ejector assembly of the plastic injection machine (Machine ejectors).

Is the Mold Push In and out mechanism on the plastic injection machine?

This mechanism is mainly designed as a hydraulic cylinder with 1 unit X-shaped mechanism.

  • The mechanical assembly holds the mold on the plastic injection machine (Clamp cylinders).

This is the mechanical part that holds the Mold On the side of the press. Duties hold the mold firmly during the pressing stage to ensure no loss of pressure and shape the product.

As a detail in the Plastic Industry Type Mold for injection molding machines

Plastic injection mold for injection molding machine is always with 2 parts, a stationary part and a moving part.

  • Stationary platen certain plastic fast mouldinginjection molds.

Is a certain part on the mold holder? This Mold part just stands still and Shapes the product.

  • Tie bars

Guide sliders are Round steel bars, usually carrying 4 bars.

On the Guide Slider will mount the parter.

When the machine opens and closes the mold, the mold pieces will slide on this bar to perform the opening and closing operation.

Operating Principle of Plastic Injection Molding Machine

The operating principle is as follows:
– Plastic raw materials are fed into the injection molding machine periodically.

Plastic granules are mixed with the input hopper and screw system, Plastic Extrusion Cylinder, Heater Glue for plastic.

Easy access to machines

The mold must be changed, and the maintenance department must also be accessible. Mounting the six-axis robotic arm on the machine or overhead also means easier access to the machine when needed.

What is Plastic Injection Machine?

Plastic injection machine is also famous as plastic extrusion machine, plastic blowing machine, and plastic molding machine.

That is, when the Plastic material is put into the Machine, a cycle occurs in about:

fast moulding 2021

Material mixing, Heating, Extrusion, Forming, Heat dissipation and final plastic products such as: Plastic Baskets, Plastic Chairs, Plastic Caskets, Plastic Bottles,... All plastic products.

  • When we need to cast a plastic material, we must use a plastic injection machine to cast.
  • Plastic Molding process, Or plastic blowing, Plastic extrusion is a pressure injection molding process.
  • It comes on the Principle of pressure casting machine.

Plastic Sub-Extrusion System and fast moulding

  • Model of Plastic Injection Molding Machine:
  • Similarly, the division comes on the working principle of the mold.

Plastic Extrusion Machine

It is an extrusion machine. The form of the plastic extrusion fast moulding machine can be continuous or semi-continuous.

Extrusion process has the main operating principle as plastic injection molding machine. But the plastic mold design is different when the extruded plastic product is in the form of continuous or interrupted tubes or long bars.

Various types of plastic pipes, plastic bars...

Plastic injection machine

Is using plastic injection mold. Usually plastic injection molds shape common products in daily life and consumption.

Plastic blow molding machine:

Generally, it is a machine used to blow plastic.

  • The most common products inside such as: Bottles, Bottles, Tanks...
  • This product uses no Compressed Air to blow the Inflated Plastic in the mold.

Plastic laminating machine:

These machines use sheet molds, extrude plastic sheets and conduct hot rolling. Similarly, the most popular product is Plastic Film.

For this product, in addition to the quality of the plastic and the mold, it is necessary to undergo the rolling and shaping stage for the plastic sheets.

Therefore, the rolling mill determines the quality of the product. In the rolling line, the quality of the roller plays a decisive role in the properties of the product.

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