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Benefits of abs plastic molding With Hydraulic Machines: Pros & Cons

August 11, 2021
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Advantages of the plastic injection process with hydraulic machines

Unlike other mechanical plastic molding processes, such as extrusion, blow molding and castings, abs plastic molding, the injection molding method with hydraulic machines is a great ally of efficient production.

Through the strength and dynamics of hydraulics, it is possible to achieve continuous perfect performance and several other production advantages.

abs plastic molding

Injection molding is, without a doubt, one of the most common methods to transform thermoplastics into articles for final use. If we guess, currently, 35% of plastic articles for use are produced by this process.

Energy efficiency

The injection molding machines common in the abs plastic molding offers excellent performance in the processing of thermoplastics. Through the strength and dynamics of the hydraulic method, they ensure continuous perfect production performance. In the process, the servo-hydraulic drives, combined with the energy saving system (AES), effectively reduce cycle times and energy demand.

Application variety

Hydraulic injection molding machines allow an extremely versatile application and are individually adapted to work with different materials. In addition to being distinguished by a wide range of sizes, hydraulic machines also have an excellent integration capability with various peripherals.

Through the freely programmable SELOGICA control, it is possible to include specific equipment packages for certain tasks, making the hydraulic machine concept extremely flexible and universally applicable.

Accurate Reproduction

ABS plastic molding can produce very complex parts, which, in many cases, would not be possible with any other type of industrial process, excluding the use of complementary techniques. In the hydraulic injection molding process, a regulated injection is responsible for reproducible filling of the shape and quality of the injection molded parts.

Some other advantages

In addition to the above advantages, there are several benefits that the manufacture of plastics using the molding method with hydraulic machines guarantees to production. The efficient use of materials, for example, we can see them as one of these factors.

This is because, when manufacturing precise parts with a small amount of waste, for example, a high utilization rate we get.


With the growth in the use of abs plastic molding in the most diverse technologies and markets, such as:

  • Agribusiness
  • the dental and pharmaceutical sector companies

They are increasingly looking for solutions in polymers to replace parts traditionally come from other raw materials. An example of this is the replacement of metals by plastic components, which presents a series of advantages in the process.


Choosing a material incorrectly can further increase the total costs of the manufacturing process for a given product. Therefore, the differences between plastics and metals must be taken into account from the beginning of the project. Let's get to the main points:

Disadvantages of using plastics

  • Lower performance in the thermal insulating function for high temperatures;
  • Low heat conduction;
  • Longer time for degradation in the environment, when not disposed of correctly.

Is it worth replacing metals with plastics?

The substitution of metals for abs plastic molding is not only valid, but also advantageous, due to the numerous advantages presented. In addition, due to the growth and development of research in the area, polymers have been presenting new solutions and significant improvements all the time. Despite the advantages, it is necessary to be always aware that this replacement is successful.

The selection of the most suitable polymer we must carry out by professionals trained in the area and with full knowledge of both the process and the characteristics of the materials common.

How we have to select parts?

Due to the versatility in the plastics industry, the precision of the parts is a decisive factor in many applications. These abs plastic molding parts are frequently common by industries from various economic segments. See more below about some applied materials and the injection and molding process in parts that need great dimensional precision.

Dimensional accuracy is extremely important for many applications. For example, it is very common to print pieces that need to fit together perfectly. In situations like this, high dimensional accuracy is critical. There are several factors that can affect accuracy, such as thermal shrinkage.

The Injection Molding Process

The injection molding process aims to mold a plastic part with varied and complex shapes, with high dimensional tolerance, forcing the material under pressure into a cavity. From the design of the part to the extraction operation in the abs plastic molding machine, it is necessary to be prepared to face very particular difficulties; there can be no marks relevant to the extraction of the parts.
abs plastic molding 2021

In the injection molding process, the material is fed through a funnel, and it directs too to the interior of the machine that has an endless screw. This has the function of transporting, melting/softening, mixing, homogenizing and plasticizing the material. At the end of this path, the material passes through the injection nozzle until it meets the mold.

What is the importance of pressure?

Pressure maintains until the entire abs plastic molding fills and the material has solidified. After this step, the mold opens and the part ejects. The mold closes, and the cycle starts, going from the injection phase to the pressing phase.

This is responsible for allowing the correction of the material's volumetric contraction, thus providing the condition for its dimensional adjustment.

How to smoothly build abs plastic molding?

It properly builds the injection mold with the correct dimensions in the cavity. This happens in order to allow the proper dimensional of the final part. This uses the appropriate plastic material for the need for low volumetric material shrinkage and correctly using the injection process parameters are the main factors that lead to the success of achieving dimensional accuracy in injected plastic parts.

Potential dangers when using plastic molds that do not meet the requirements:

When we receive a request to design abs plastic molding product, we do not immediately start manufacturing, but have to calculate to determine the material to make the product.

Risks when choosing abs plastic molding production materials if not suitable

Due to the pressure of the machine being too large, the abs plastic molding does not meet the requirements. It can cause the mold to deform, causing mold damage, and the production process stops. There is a greater risk of mold breakage endangering the technician operating the machine.

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