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Top Plastic Molding Company in China in 2022

February 25, 2022
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What is an injection molding machine?

Top Plastic Molding Company

Firstly, a machine melts a plastic material with heat and pours it into a mold to mold. It calls an injection molding machine. Top plastic molding company can provide best solutions for most complex products. It is a machine tool that can process the processes of melting. This pours into a mold (injection / molding), hardening (cooling), and taking out.

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Structure of injection molding machine

Injection molding machines come up of the following three devices, regardless of whether the machine is large or small controller.

A device for controlling molding conditions

There are molding conditions such as:

  • injection molding speed
  • pressure
  • cylinder temperature
  • mold temperature
  • material injection amount specify.

Injection unit

Top plastic molding company it includes a hopper for charging plastic materials. Moreover, it has a cylinder for heating materials, an injection nozzle, etc. This is a device for melting the material with heat and injecting it into a mold.

Molding unit

It is a device that attaches the mold, opens and closes the mold. It is resists the pressure of the material, closes the mold, and protrudes the material.

Top plastic molding company machine process

We will explain the operations performed in the injection molding machine for each process.

Mold tightening

The mold has a movable side and a fix side. When the movable side approaches the fix side and the mold closes. It is mold clamping. Since the molten plastic material fills in the mold, strong pressure applies to the inside of the mold.

If the mold tightening force is weak, burrs will appear on the product. It is necessary to confirm in advance whether Top plastic molding company force can withstand the work piece.


In injection molding, the process of applying heat to a plastic material in a cylinder to melt it is thermoplastic. There is a screw inside the cylinder. It has the role of stirring the molding material to make the temperature uniform. It is the amount to inject next according to the progress of the screw.

Nozzle contact

After the mold clamps and the molding material plasticize. The nozzle at the tip of the cylinder brings into close contact with the mold. It is in order to inject the molten resin into the mold. The state in which the mold and the nozzle are in close contact calls nozzle contact. Moreover, continuous processing performs with this nozzle contact state.

Injection / holding pressure

Top plastic molding company Injection is the process of adjusting the speed of the molten resin and injecting it into the mold. After injection, a constant pressure applies to the molten resin. This calls holding pressure.

Top Plastic Molding Company 2022

Moreover, this prevents the molten resin from flowing back into the cylinder and shrinks when the molten resin cools. It has the role of applying pressure to the inject resin to adjust it.


The resin injected in the mold kept at a constant temperature cools by the oil or water that goes around the mold. Cooling does not mean cooling at a cold temperature. The cooling water in the mold circulates at the optimum temperature for the molding material of 20 to 100 degrees.

You may be wondering if it is cooled at 100 degrees, but since the temperature of the molten resin is close to 300 degrees, it can be sufficiently cool and solidify even at 100 degrees.

Mold opening

The cool resin has solidified and the mold product complete. Eventually, it opens the mold to remove the mold product. This call mold opening and the mold on the movable side (on the left side when viewed from the front) opens together with the mold product.

Stick out

When the mold opens, push out top plastic molding company product with the ejector pin and take it out. It can be dropped under the machine as it is, but the molded product may be scratched or deformed, so it is usually taken out using a take-out machine.

Guideline for model selection

When considering the introduction of an injection molding machine, the specifications to keep in mind are the mold clamping force and mold size.

When the mold attaches to the injection molding machine and the molten plastic material inject into the mold, high pressure apply to the inside of the mold.

This pressure tries to push open the mold on the movable side, so it must tight. If the tightening force is weak, burrs will occur on the product. The product will be larger than the mold, resulting in a product with poor accuracy.

Therefore, top plastic molding company in an injection molding machine, the force that tightens the mold define as the mold clamping force, and it display in units that express the force such as N (Newton) and tf (Tonforce). In recent machines, Newton is common by all manufacturers, and it seems that the units are unified.

The formula for calculating the mold clamping force is as follows.

F = p × A / 1000

F: Required mold clamping force (tf)

p: Pressure inside the mold (kgf / cm2)

A: Total projected area (cm2)

* The projected area is the area where pressure applies to both the movable and fix molds.

Summary top plastic molding company

This time, we introduce top plastic molding company an injection molding machine for machine tools that manufacture plastic products. In addition to injection molding, there are other plastic processing methods such as extrusion molding, vacuum molding, blow molding, and calendar molding.

The injection molding method introduce here is the most popular and is common for plastic products common in daily life. Most produce by injection molding machines.

The ability require to handle an injection molding top plastic molding company machine needs to be comprehensively understood not only from mold design to manufacturing. It also forms mold thickness adjustment, pressure adjustment, weighing value setting, and speed setting with a controller.

It is also important to understand the characteristics, specifications, and setting methods of the models to handle.

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