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3 Most Popular Moulding Technologies for Cooling Fan Molds

July 01, 2021
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What is a thermoforming for molding?

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It is a molding technique capable of modeling sheets or films of plastic material: these are placed on a cooling fan mold to obtain an object with a defined shape. The thermoforming is easy to carry out starting from preheated plates or from films compressed on a mold by means of an air system which also facilitates cooling.

What are the different types of molding?

Blow molding:

It is a processing technique mainly intended for the production of hollow objects. The molten plastic material is inserted inside a mold; subsequently, the air is blown in so as to push the polymer not yet solidified to adhere perfectly to the walls of the mold;

Foam molding:

The process uses expanded materials (mostly foams) and allows the creation of very small structures; the processing technique is identical to that of injection molding.

Each of the techniques described above can only be used if the appropriate machinery is available since these are industrial processes of a professional nature. Presses and printers for plastics are easy to purchase not only from specialized sellers but also online, through sites that manage judicial auctions such as Logic Bid.

if this is successful, he will receive a confirmation e-mail at the address indicated registration. In the case of non-delivery of the email, it is possible that the amount has been entered incorrectly or is lower than the reserve price.

Plastic molding defects

Although made with special machinery, the molding of plastics is not free from drawbacks; it may happen, in fact, that the manufacturing process is not successful and that the final product is compromised by defects or imperfections:

So, always choose the best cooling fan mold that really can fulfill your requirements.

signs of brown or black color can be symptomatic of damage caused by the melting and are often due to the presence of impurities in the original product, or to a too high melting temperature; other causes may be a dirty injection screw, an excessive quantity of plastic ground material, a material that is too dry or subject to thermal degradation;

What are blisters and air bubbles

When the casting is not of good quality, bubbles called 'gels' may also appear;

So, select a cooling fan mold that is free from all such faults to provide you the right amount of air.

However, brittleness, cracks, and cracks occur when the temperature of the mold or cylinder is not sufficient; this translates into a lower ability of the finished object to resist the stress;

nozzle smearing, mainly due to excessive temperature in the nozzle area or insufficient cooling time. Avoid

The characteristics of plastic semi-finished products

Semi-finished plastic materials have particular characteristics and are important for their versatility.

Generally, the possible realizations are perforated bars, round bars, flat sheets, cast blocks or, thin sheets. Choosing plastic semi-finished products is the simplest solution for making both small and large objects.

The merits of semi-finished products

Semi-finished plastic materials are easy to purchase raw and then redefined in the final processing phase and in recent years it is the fastest growing choice.


Speaking of large dimensions, it is possible to make orders even for a few pieces which will then be cut or turned in a subsequent phase of processing.

Semi-finished plastic products such as cooling fan molds have good impact resistance and, used in mechanical components. Moreover, they are able to reduce machine noise.

The applications of plastics (cooling fan molds)

Basically, semi-finished plastic materials are easy to use in many sectors.

They are very versatile and easy-to-use materials as well as the possibility of giving them any desired shape in a very simple way.

The cost for the production of semi-finished products is one of the lowest in the market and for those who use them, there are considerable savings.

The advantages of producing custom turning

Plastic turning is a perfect solution for obtaining high-quality products, for example, cooling fan molds. Similarly, their coefficient of friction and wear will be very high and will make this type of product truly versatile.

The techno polymers are resistant to high temperatures, humidity, and compression and are easy to process with large machines. The particular characteristics and versatility of these materials make plastic materials suitable for various sectors. It can be from construction to industrial, mechanical, chemical and food sectors.

The cost of construction is really low and this also allows for easy maintenance of the systems.

The realization of the plastic material for creating cooling fan molds

The turning is mechanical and after the main processing, the materials come with heat so as to give them greater durability.

This feature allows companies to create new components. In addition, it replaces the old ones, for their machines and be able to use them for a long time with low maintenance costs.

The scope of use of the plastic material for cooling fan molds

Plastic material turning is used to make gears, cooling fans, and other industrial and professional components.

This particular versatility is due to the great resistance of the technopolymers and the ease of their installation.

Through the use of plastic material for producing cooling fan molds and all plastic goods, it is possible to create all component types. We can do it with a final cost lower than the use of metals or other materials.
Cooling Fan Molds 2021

How does cooling fan molds work with 3d printing?

In 3D printing there are different parameters that condition the result of our printing, some of them can be:

  • retraction distance
  • retraction speed
  • Flow
  • Temperature

retraction distance

Cooling fan molds is the most important retraction setting option as it determines how far the filament can go back. The more retract the head has, the less likely there will be threads in the part.

You have to be careful because if there is a lot of shrinkage Small voids or bubbles. Similarly, they will appear in the print due to the air pockets that form inside the Hot end. If, on the contrary, it does not retract enough, a filament leakage will occur which will produce the dreaded threads.

Final words:

This type of product is really useful for industries, both small and large, and allows the creation of unique products that guarantee the correct functioning of the machinery.

Through the turning of the plastic material, it is also possible to make complicated gears without incurring any problems.

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