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Rapid Toolings/Molds

Rapid Toolings/Molds

ACE is an expert in the design and manufacture of high-quality plastic injeciton moulds and injeciton moulded parts offered specifically for the international market. We offer OEM/ODM production which strictly follows the mould quality standard our customer adheres.

  • Brand Name:ACE 
  • Model Number:ACE Rapid Mold
  • OEM/ODM:Acceptable
  • Package:Standard or per request
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In the current era of rapid social development, all industries are pursuing a faster, more efficient and higher-quality product production cycle. In view of the requirements of many customers for rapid toolings/molds, ACE Company has set up a rapid tooling/mold workshop to provide a complete set of rapid mold solutions from rapid mold design to product acceptance.

After years of high praise from customers, we've built a professional rapid tooling/mold and rapid product team with high efficiency and price competitiveness. The team ensures to provide customers with the most perfect rapid mold solutions in the following aspects;

1: Starting from the products provided by the customers or their product design concepts, our designers conduct a product mold feasibility analysis for the rapid product as soon as possible. We have our own product analysis software and many engineers with more than 20 years of design experience to provide our customers with the best rapid tooling/mold solutions in the shortest time.

2: Excellent processing equipment is the quality and speed guarantee of our customers' rapid mold production and processing. We're equipped with world-class processing equipment, high-speed machining center, mirror-faced spark machine, mold clamping machine and precision CMM testing equipment as well as injection mold test workshops ranging from 50 tons to 1,200 tons. With professional rapid mold injection and commissioning engineering teams, we can complete product trial production and production in our own factory.

3: With a professional technical project communication team proficient in foreign languages, we can respond to customers' rapid mold and products in time, and communicate with customers about the production progress of rapid mold and the injection molding progress of rapid products correctly and clearly

4: Another important feature of rapid toolings/molds is that customers can quickly receive their products. We have an interest in an export freight company, which can provide our customers with the best rapid mold transportation service.

5: Competitive prices. We have a price estimation team to optimize the total product production, mold life, steel selection and injection molding machine selection according to the requirements of our rapid mold customers, so as to ensure that customers can get the most favorable prices under the same conditions.

Brand Name ACE
Model Number ACE Rapid Mold
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Package Standard or as your request
Standard Delivery 5 days or 15 weeks

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