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Plastic Injection Molding Service: The Role of Colored Resin

Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic injection molding service is one of the most effective techniques to mold plastic in different shapes and sizes to attain a wide variety of products. From fabricating an aircraft part to manufacturing a tiny hair comb, plastic injection molding has become an all-rounder in manufacturing. The operation is easy and produces an enormous amount of products in one single process.  It melts the plastic and molds it into different shapes without causing waste, thus enhancing recycling. Moreover, it also employs giving colour to the base polymer to achieve the desired coloured product.

This article discusses the plastic injection molding process and the role of coloured resins in providing aesthetic to the manufactured product.

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The Plastic Injection Molding Service

Plastic injection molten service molds plastic into different shapes. The process needs an injection molding machine, a mold, and raw plastic. The machine injects the molten plastic into molds, which later on produce the desired products. The products vary in size, shape, and application.

Plastic Injection Molding Service

One can create thousands of products. The molten plastic sets in the molds and later on acquire its shape to become a final product.  The plastic molding process has become top-rated as it can produce a wide variety of products ranging from large vehicle parts to small mobile phone casings. 

How Does The Plastic Injection Molding Service Work?

The plastic injection molding service employs four steps that are clamping, injection, cooling, ejection.


The injection molding machine employs a clamping unit, one half of which is fixed, and the other half moves to hold the molten material to produce the final product. This machine requires a short time to fabricate one item.


The injection molding machine's design is such that it melts the chunks of raw plastic on its way towards the clamping unit. There is heat and intense pressure that melts the plastic. The amount that the machine injects in the mold is known as 'shot.' Injection time may vary according to the stress and shot volume.


The molten plastic, once injected, starts to solidify inside the mold. The process involves shrinkage, so the injection molding machine's unique design allows more molten material into the mold to achieve the desired product size. The molten plastic acquires the shape of the mold in this stage.


The last stage in the injection molding machine is ejection. There is an ejection mechanism that allows some force to eject the fabricated product out of the mold. The finished material needs to come all at once, so the pressure should be optimum; once the ejection unit removes the product, the cycle repeats.

Why Is The Plastic Injection Molding Service So Popular?

The plastic injection molding service has gained massive popularity because of its versatile applications. The molding machine can produce a wide variety of products, from large cans to small combs, and their application is extensive.


The injection molding process employs high pressure to produce objects of almost every shape and size. It can fulfil the client's demands, from the most uncomplicated designs to the most complicated ones. Moreover, they can produce a colossal number of products within a few minutes and sometimes within seconds. It is the fastest and the most convenient process to fabricate a significant amount of quality products.

Increased Strength

The injection molding process provides strength to fabricated products. Depending upon the client's demand, the designer needs to consider the extent to which the product can be rigid or flexible. So the plastic injection molding service assures a robust and durable product. Moreover, the process also considers the raw materials and application of the product to determine the strength.

Minimal Waste

The plastic injection molding service is excellent for its recycling ability—the design of the machine results in reduced waste plastic. As the process involve only the mandatory materials required for manufacturing, there is minimal plastic waste. However, the injection molding service can easily recycle the material that remains unused.

Reduced Cost

The injection molding service is quite economical in the long run. The machine produces a colossal amount of finished products in one single operation. Also, waste plastic recycling is efficient in these processes. The procedure is mostly automatic and works on the principles of robotics and therefore curbs the labor cost.

The Role Of Coloured Resin

Suppose you want to add a particular colour to your finished product. In that case, the coloured resins play their role—the addition of a specific coloured resin to the base resin help achieving the desired coloured effect. So using the plastic injection molding process and getting a finished coloured product by adding the coloured resins, the process has wholly become exciting and thrilling.

How can one add colour to the plastic? The following are the processes extensively employed in adding the desired colour to the product.


In master batching, the preferred, coloured resins go into a mixer and achieve uniformity in the pre dispersion phase. This resin then passes through the extruder that keeps rotating. The resin starts imparting the desired uniform colour to the different coloured resins and gives all the resins an equal uniform colour due to the stress. These coloured resins mix with the base polymer and provide the final desired coloured product.

Cube Blend

Cube blends use dry masterbatches with the base polymer. It does not employ any extruder, and hence the properties of the coloured resin do not alter. A careful and controlled mixing occurs, avoiding any risks and chances of self -blending that may cause discrimination in colour.

Colour Compounding

Colour compounding ensures that the obtained colour matches the requirement of the final product. The process employs the resins that have already mixed with the base polymer and then goes to the injection molding service.

Solvent Colouring

Solvent colouring is one of the most efficient and easy ways to give colour to plastic resins. This process involves spraying the desired paint on the plastic polymers before proceeding to injection. However, it might become difficult to control the ratio of plastic to colour.  Therefore the ratio must be optimum before the process proceeds since the actual ratio of the pigment and resin must be equal and must acquire no less than 2% by volume.

Plastic Injection Molding Service


To conclude, the plastic injection molding service is one of the best techniques to manufacture finished products of various shapes and sizes. The molding machine is highly efficient and produces a colossal amount of products in a single operation. Moreover, it doesn't employ any labor, thus resulting in a cost-effective process. The addition of coloured resins give life and colour to the desired product, and there is a different method that imparts different colours to the finished product.

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