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Mold On Plastic: Importance of Mold Flow Analysis

December 12, 2020

Mold on Plastic: Learning More About Mold Flow Analysis 

The most crucial and risky part of the entire process of injection molding is being able to manufacture a high-quality mold. The initial thought that might come to a person's mind regarding mold flow is that the liquid plastic naturally sets into the container, regardless of its shape and size. However, this is not the case. Mold flow analysis is a very hefty task that needs to be done with proper care and intricate techniques.

In this time of age, administrators have said that this process is what leads to an amazing and fault-free result. Mold flow analysis is a step that can make or break the entire injection molding process, hence deciding to spend your money on it is a great move. The excellent outcomes will soon cover the money that you spent, and only yielding profits from it afterward.

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What is the main purpose of molding flow analysis?

An advantage that comes very handy during the injection molding process is that the mold flow analysis allows you to first have a rough idea of what it will end up looking like through VR. How this helps the manufacturer is that it will help in removing all the mistakes that could have been made if it was done directly without any precautions. This allows you to test out many different molds and designs that will suit your requirements the best. Having seen a virtual image of the final product before actually doing it will help you in pointing out all the mistakes that were made in the design. This way you won't waste your materials and the money that you spent on those materials. In hindsight, it helps you save you time and your money as well.

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If not this, then another importance of using mold flow analysis is that it helps you to map out different ideas and designs that you have in mind, and then selecting the one which is the closest to your requirements. What this does is that it entirely cancels out the method of trial and error to save you your materials and help you reach the best possible result. Think of how much of your time will go to waste if you were to directly pour the liquid plastic into the mold and then making slight adjustments to it. Mold flow analysis completely cancels out this hassle and makes it easier for you to design and correct the imperfections.

 When is the ideal time to start the mold flow analysis process?

Ideally, the best time to make use of this facility would be before you start the tooling process. Once you have seen a virtual image of what it will look like through the mold flow analysis process, you will then receive a model for the design that you chose. Gathering information through your model, will work around the mistakes and give you the best way to fill up the mold.

Since there are a lot of factors that play into mold filling, every little thing needs to be given a lot of thought. The temperature should be just about right. The pressure should not exceed the limit. The liquid plastic will have to be pouring in at a specific time rate. These are all the factors that need special attention. With the mold flow analysis, we can see test out different points and different temperature till we land on the one which will suit our requirements the best. Doing this removes all the imperfections that your initial mold will have before the actual project even takes place.

 Is it mandatory?

The mold flow analysis is not a mandatory part of the entire process; however, many people suggest that every manufacturer goes through this process. Regardless of how plain your mold's design might be, undergoing this process will give the assurance that you aren't wasting your time and money. You will know exactly how it will go down and will get the satisfaction of knowing that your model will yield a good end result.

 What are the benefits of using Mold Flow Analysis?

There are many benefits when it comes to mold flow analysis. Apart from it saving your money and time, using the mold that we have from the entire mold flow analysis to sell your design is a good idea. You can show the mold to customers and give them an image of how the mold will look like in real life.

During this process, you are not only saving time and money by already pointing out all the defaults, but you can also further save time as it shows you other faults such as air bubbles, fine lines, etc, and other defects. This means that you can keep bringing changes to a model until you reach a point where your mold has no mistakes and every calculation is made correctly.

Now getting into more specific details of the benefits, mold flow analysis can help you in the following ways:


  • It completely gets rid of the issue where you don't need to be worrying about how thick the wall should be
  • Mold flow analysis gives you the ability to fill up all the holes with no disrupting
  • It can help you from not making a mistake and lose all the money that you had spent on your project
  • Using this will up the levels of your brand by bettering the overall potential of your mold
  • It will lessen the overall time that you will have to spend on a project and get rid of the process of trial and error.
  • Helps you understand the exact measurements of the mold.


 Take Away on Mold on Plastic, Mold Flow Analysis 

We now know how the mold flow analysis process is a very important step that should not be overlooked. We are constantly looking for methods and ways to better our mold production and come out with the best results. This has now been made possible with the help of mold flow analysis. You don't have to worry about wasting your time and money. All you need to do is just invest in this process and look at how drastically it will change your entire scheme, and how easier it will become for you.

You can look at all the mistakes that were going to happen if it was not for mold flow analysis. It is a very hefty and niche tool that manufacturers should consider spending their money on.

To learn more about the mold on plastic, contact us today!

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