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Best Plastic Injection Molding Company in China 2022

April 19, 2022
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 Firstly, best plastic injection molding offers services for small-scale production of models by casting into flexible silicone molds. This technology is ideal for producing small batches of plastic products (10-1000 pcs.) in a short time, when the required number of products is too small to justify the production of industrial metal molds for high-volume production.

Best Plastic Injection Molding

Our advantages:

  • Own production

Own equipment and staff of 5 engineers

  • High speed of order fulfillment

Secondly, we carry out a full technological cycle including the creation of a master model and castings within our company.

  • Reasonable prices

We do not outsource the work to contractors, we do it ourselves. This is why we offer competitive prices.

  • Decent product quality

All of our engineers train and certified. This guarantees the absence of defects in your products.

How is mold made?

Furthermore, vacuum best plastic injection molding of plastics into elastic molds is the process of obtaining prototypes and small batches of plastic parts and investment models of any complexity and dimensions without the manufacture of traditional technological equipment.

Thanks to the use of a wide range of Smooth-ON materials , molded copies can be elastic, rigid, heat-resistant, UV-resistant, transparent, various colors.

Moreover, the mold is made by simply pouring cold curing silicone around the model. The model removes from the silicone mold after cutting the mold along the parting surface. Casting resins mix in the vacuum chamber of the machine and poured into a silicone mold.

Mold casting materials


Best plastic injection molding has ability to reproduce complex shapes, the smallest details. Vacuum casting resins provide all surface textures and colors with varying hardness and heat resistance to mimic most of the plastics and rubbers use in today's manufacturing.

As well as, the technology of casting into elastic silicone molds in a vacuum allows:

  • get exact copies of the master model with stable dimensions;
  • check the assembly and performance of structures, work out the design of the product;
  • conduct tests before the production of serial equipment;
  • Furthermore, make a batch of prototypes within a few hours after the manufacture of the silicone mold;
  • Obtain investment models for small-scale casting of metal parts.

How is the casting process?

In addition, best plastic injection molding technology consists in copying the shape of the product. If your model cannot use as a master model due to fragility or other reasons, we can recreate it using 3D scanning and 3D printing (rapid prototyping) technologies with a surface quality of up to 8 microns.

If necessary, we prepare the model for casting, varnishing, polishing. Further, the model places in a plastic mold of the required dimensions, the mold seals, and the process of pouring two-component silicone begin.

Depending on the best plastic injection molding model, a two-piece silicone mold can use, in which case the pouring takes place in 2 stages using a clay base. Eventually, after the silicone cures, the mold is cut, the master model removes and the silicone mold is ready for pouring plastic.

What are the advantages of this technology?

  • low cost of small-scale production;
  • You can get fully functional exact copies of your product in quantities from 1 to 1000 pcs. ;
  • if you do not have the require master model, we will help you design it, print it and use it to make the number of copies you need;
  • the ability to fully copy your master model;
  • a wide selection of plastics and polyurethanes use for casting allows you to get parts with the characteristics you need;
  • An important advantage of best plastic injection moldingis the efficiency of work. You will receive the first details in a few days;

Subsequently, there are situations when it becomes necessary to produce a relatively small amount of plastic products. It can be products of any orientation: souvenirs, decorative elements, and so on.

Small-scale molding of plastics: we have inexpensive and high quality

As well as, our company carries out small- scale best plastic injection molding of plastics according to models provided by the customer, or according to prototypes compiled jointly with him.

At the initial stage of work, the desired parameters of future products discuss: the degree of rigidity, color, resistance to various influences ... After casting a trial batch and correcting possible inaccuracies, the entire ordered series of products manufactures.

In addition, a feature of this method, which favorably distinguishes small-scale plastic injection from others, is a rather low cost of production. Therefore, it can resort to, if necessary, without fear that it will hit the budget too much.

Best plastic injection molding production

Our company uses exceptionally high quality equipment for small-scale best plastic injection molding, so the products manufactured by our specialists always correspond to the original layout to the maximum, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

Best Plastic Injection Molding 2022

Another method of fast and economical production of products is small-scale plastic injection, and this service also provides by our company. Low prices with excellent quality of work - that's what sets us apart from the competition.

If you want to make this type of activity a source of your income, we will help you acquire the necessary equipment, taking into account the planned production volume.

Plastic molding based on soft thermoplastics

Rigid plastics use for car interiors are not only outdated and unpleasant to the touch, but also recognized as low-quality, which means that their use can cast a shadow on the manufacturer's reputation.

For this reason, best plastic injection molding bases on soft thermoplastics is becoming a prerequisite for any car manufacturer aiming to successfully market their products.

Ace mold’s new polyurethane (PU) technology is suitable for molding soft polymer surfaces. In favor of this method they say:

  • ease of extraction from the mold;
  • uniform part thickness resulting from good polymer flow;
  • Low emissions (less than 100 ppm VOC or less than 250 ppm FOG).

PU injection and mold making for IMC

One of the main strengths of best plastic injection molding is that molds are made with simple designs, which makes casting more economical.

Lastly, the reception, also known as IMC (expanded name "In-mould coating") has the following features:

  • suitable for use at mold temperatures from 70 to 85 °C;
  • different steepness of the reaction profile;
  • Endowed with a good articulation with a paint coating that can apply to molded products.
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