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6 Reasons to Choose OEM tool spare parts in 2021?

March 06, 2021
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Choose your parts carefully among several types of spare parts

tool spare parts

The tool spare parts, repair parts, or replacement parts are actually exchangeable parts.

In fact, they are extremely important features of supply chain management and logistics engineering. Furthermore, if you are going to purchase your own spare parts, it will be highly beneficial for you.

But it can be very risky for you as there are many types of parts available in the market. As well as the jargon that has used in the motor industry can be difficult for you to understand.

So, don’t hesitate! this guide will deeply help you to go through the different types of parts that you can buy for your car.

Whether buying OEM tool spare parts will be your wise choice. Check out the comparison of OEM parts with others!

What exactly are tool spare parts?

Let's examine it by definition! spare parts consist of any exchangeable items that are convenient to replace that become damaged, lost, or simply exhausted out after a specific time period.

Why do we need tools spare parts?

These parts have great demand in the manufacturing and repairing world. Moreover, these parts are highly useful to keep in stock as they are necessary for the replacement of broken or failed parts.

If your company has spare parts in its stock, it can easily meet or even exceed your production goals. Additionally, you also can make sure on-time shipment and delivery of your customers.

 What are the types of tool spare parts?

Basically, there are 6 types of tool spare parts. These are:

  1. Genuine Original Equipment Parts
  2. Aftermarket Parts
  3. Replacement Parts
  4. Remanufactured Parts
  5. Reconditioned Parts
  6. Salvaged Parts.

Genuine Original Equipment Parts:

In the world of manufacturing, these parts are famous as OE parts. Moreover, these parts are exactly those that your car or machines were originally fitted with when they were actually manufactured.

In fact, several manufacturing companies make their OE parts by another company but you can easily get them in your car manufacturer-branded box. When you use OE parts, you will obviously get real peace of mind as they will exactly fit your car.

Further, it also will be greatly compatible with your machining product. The OE tool spare parts also have manufacturer guarantees. But these spare parts are expensive because of this added quality.

Aftermarket Parts:

These spare parts are also popular as replacement parts. Moreover, these are generally cheap in comparison to OE parts. The aftermarket companies manufacture them after purchasing the designs from the original manufacturers.

It is not necessary that they are always a cheap alternative because maybe some companies like to charge more for their higher quality products. In fact, these companies also improve some design flaws of genuine original equipment parts so that they can work more efficiently.

So, it will be their right to charge some more.

Replacement Parts:

The replacement parts are also known as OEM parts. These tools spare parts have manufactured by a third part company that also has supplied the parts to the actual manufacturers.


Basically, these parts are similar to the OE parts but they won’t come in the car manufacturers’ branded box. These spare parts work just like the parts from which they are replacing. Moreover, they can provide you the same performance just like the original ones.

In this article, we are actually going to compare OEM parts, aftermarket parts, and replacement parts.

What do OEM parts stand for?

OEM actually stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means these parts have manufactured by the same company that makes the vehicle.

What is the difference between OEM and genuine parts?

OEM tools spare parts are parts made by the manufacturers or have designed by an external company. But their features and functions are the same as the original parts.

Furthermore, you can easily purchase a large number of spare parts directly from a reliable OEM company.

On the other hand, genuine spare parts are the parts that have supplied by the original manufacturers of the vehicles along with their packaging.

Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Sometimes, you may prefer to choose aftermarket parts in comparison to OEM parts because they are less in cost. But later you can have to face several cons as these parts aren’t always manufactured with the same high-quality materials as OEM parts have made.

OEM tool spare parts are always designed for your make and model using ideal materials. Hence, these parts deliver perfect performance to run your vehicle at its best. While aftermarket parts are not reliable and you may get in confusion during their selection that whether they are perfectly fit or not.

Moreover, may be their performance can also indulge you in several hassles. When you purchase OEM spare parts by any well-experienced company, these parts are extremely beneficial for your car or any other type of vehicle.

Should you buy OEM tool spare parts?

Actually, purchasing OEM parts can be more expensive than aftermarket parts or other types of spare parts. But these parts are extremely easy to select as well as they also offer an additional warranty of one year or more.

Further, it maybe that some aftermarket tool spare parts can be equal or even better in comparison to OEM parts. But it will be true only when you hire a reliable company and beware of poor-quality parts.

Are OEM tool spare parts worth buying?

Basically, OEM parts are extremely legal and safe to purchase but you should always beware of the all risks. They are generally different from retail parts and it is highly important for you to know these differences.

With your wise selection, you can purchase OEM products at affordable prices and can save a decent amount of money.

How do I know if a part is OEM?

Basically, OEM parts are the same as the part that you get with your vehicle. The main difference is that it does not have the manufacturer's logo. But they are reliable as genuine parts.

What are the pros and cons of OEM tool spare parts?

Here we are giving you some pros and cons of OEM tool spare parts for your ease. We hope after reading them, you will be able to decide whether OEM parts will be in your preference or not.

  • OEM parts are actually very easy and simple to choose
  • They generally come in just one type
  • They work exactly like the original parts
  • OEM parts will fit exactly in your vehicles
  • OEM manufacturers always provide you an attractive warranty offer
  • The feasible buyers will always prefer vehicles maintained using OEM parts.
  • Basically, OEM spare parts are high in cost in comparison to aftermarket parts
  • You can purchase them only from an automaker or select suppliers.
  • You will have to wait a little longer for getting OEM partstool spare parts 2021


Although, OEM parts have some drawbacks they are still reliable in comparison to other types of parts. Moreover, the best thing about these tool spare parts is that they are extremely convenient to purchase.

Simply, you will have to go to your trustable dealer to get these tool spare parts. You will give them the exact code of your spare parts that are assigned a code from your VIN.

So, there is no chance to get a faulty spare part. But OEM parts may not always superior in quality. Hence, you should always buy them from a reliable and well-experienced company.

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